‘This Is Us’ Fans Think Kate’s Relationship With Weight Is Triggered By This Looming Storyline

To put it simply, This Is Us fans should be worried about teen Kate (Hannah Zeile). For the past few seasons, viewers wondered about Kate’s relationship with weight, as it’s one of the main focal points of adult Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) arc. Then in the fourth season, the NBC drama introduced teen Kate’s boyfriend, Marc (Austin Abrams). And now, it seems This Is Us fans believe Kate’s relationship with weight and food stem from Marc — here’s why.

[Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 ahead!]

What ‘This Is Us’ fans have seen from Kate in season 4 so far

Hannah Zeile as Kate on 'This Is Us'
Hannah Zeile as Kate on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us Season 4 reigned in Abrams to play Marc in “Flip a Coin.” Marc works at the record store. He is also the one who offered teen Kate a job. Then in the fifth episode, titled “Storybook Love,” Marc returned. At the Pearson family dinner, Marc appeared uninvited and unannounced. But Marc claimed he didn’t want Kate to feel like a fifth wheel.

Fast-forward to the present day, adult Kate browsed through photos from the dinner, alongside Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Once they stumbled upon a picture with Marc, Rebecca admitted she “didn’t see what was happening.” Thus leaving an ominous cloud over This Is Us fans.

Then in the eighth episode, titled “Sorry,” Marc made another brief appearance. Marc arrived at the Pearson family home to pick Kate up for a movie date. He immediately walked into the kitchen, addressing teen Randall (Niles Fitch) as “Randy” and calling Rebecca by her first name.

Kate then grabbed a banana. And Rebecca said, “Hey, Bug, that’s not lunch.” But the Pearson daughter insisted she would eat later. Meanwhile, Randall told Kate he just saw Practical Magic, which was directed by Griffin Dunne, who plays Nicky. Kate expressed her excitement over the film starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. However, Marc was less enthusiastic.

“But we’re not 12-year-old girls,” he said.

Why ‘This Is Us’ fans think Kate’s boyfriend, Marc, will be abusive and influence her relationship weight

Following the scene in “Sorry,” it was clear This Is Us fans picked up on a few clues about Kate and Marc’s relationship. On Reddit, one fan wondered if the mention of Practical Magic could be foreshadowing an abuse storyline.

“In the scene with Kate and her BF in the kitchen with Rebecca and Randall, she mentions wanting to see the movie Practical Magic,” the Redditor explained. “Or those of you who have seen it know a major plot revolves around one of the witches (Nicole Kidman’s character) with an emotionally and physically abusive BF.”

Meanwhile, other fans noted the scene with Marc could hint at answers as to “why when we first see Kate in the series she’s so overly obsessed with her weight.” A fan wrote:

I immediately saw a red flag and definitely feel like this storyline is unfortunately heading down the abuse route … Did anyone notice that all Kate grabbed to eat was a banana? i mean nothing wrong with that really but I kinda feel like that moment was foreshadowing something? like maybe Mark is being controlling about her weight like I feel like there’s a chance she could become anorexic or suffer from some other eating disorder?

Many fans seemed to agree with the theory about Marc and Kate on This Is Us, revealing a few more red flags. For example, some viewers saw Marc’s nickname for Randall as a devaluing tactic. Another noted Marc’s rude behavior when he waltzed into the Pearson home. And he instantly grabbed a drink out of the fridge without asking. Some This Is Us fans also agreed that Marc has something to do with Kate’s weight gain. One Reddit user wrote:

My first thought is that something may have triggered Kate’s massive weight gain. Yes, eating disorders are common in teenage girls, but her weight gain from teenage Kate to adult Kate is significant which would be a result of emotional issues caused by abuse. This boyfriend character is sketchy and I could see that being in a controlling, abusive relationship without a strong father figure in the picture could cause trauma leading to a serious emotional eating disorder

‘This Is Us’ producers discuss if Kate’s views on her weight and food will be affected by Marc in season 4

On Oct. 22, This Is Us producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger touched on Marc and Kate’s relationship. And it seems the producers hinted that Kate’s issues with weight and food may come from what happened with Marc.

“This is a time of her life where she’s just in such flux and spiraling,” Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly. “And there are so many factors contributing to what ultimately is it pretty substantial weight gain that we know comes from her.”

Regardless of how Marc affects Kate in upcoming episodes, it’s pretty clear something dark is looming over us. On Nov. 12, Aptaker and Berger confirmed that Marc and Kate’s relationship will become “unhealthy.” However, fans can still feel relief in adult Kate’s status in the present day.

“Kate is now 39 years old and a highly functioning woman. So she got out of the relationship somewhat unscathed in the long run,” Aptaker said. “But I think it was definitely a formative relationship and it was a relationship that left serious emotional wounds.”

Berger added, “It definitely goes to an unhealthy place that’s going to make a real impact on Kate and stay with her over the years.”

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