‘This Is Us’: Creator Teases Kate And Toby’s Future Will Be ‘Very Hard’ for Fans to Figure Out For This Reason

The This Is Us Season 4 fall finale gave a peek at some of the issues that are to come for Kate and Toby’s relationship, but the show’s creator assures that it’s going to be “very hard” for fans to predict what exactly will shake out for the couple.

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‘This Is Us’ Chrissy Metz as Kate, Chris Sullivan as Toby | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

There was definitely tension at the Pearson Thanksgiving

Kate and Toby made their way to the Pearson Thanksgiving gathering and Kate confessed that Toby wasn’t, in fact, the first person to give baby Jack solid food. She finally admitted that their neighbor Gregory fed the baby avocado first, completely deflating Toby’s excitement over sharing the baby milestone on Instagram and with his CrossFit group chat.

After working through being hurt about Kate’s lie, Toby made some peace with it as he was sure there would be more baby firsts that he would get to experience.

Kate later admitted to Beth that she hates ‘CrossFit Toby’ and Beth advised her to talk things through directly with Toby. She doesn’t… and later sees a text message on his phone that says: “Don’t let her bring you down. Here for you.” 

Did the flash-forward reveal anything about Kate and Toby?

When the episode had a flash-forward in its final moments, some of the family were gathered for the Big Three’s birthday nine months from the Thanksgiving celebration. There’s a lot to dig into: Randall and Kevin aren’t speaking now, Kevin is engaged and his fiancée is pregnant, Rebecca’s memory is deteriorating — and Toby is nowhere to be seen. Plus Kate signs her name as simply “Kate Pearson” on a police report when the cops bring Rebecca to them after she was lost.

So, what happens between Kate and Toby? Did he have an affair with the woman who texted him? Did his weight loss create some distance between them because Kate isn’t having the same success?

What happens with Kate and Toby in the future?

That glimpse is less than a year ahead but there’s also the Season 3 jump into the far future where the family gathers to be with an ailing Rebecca and Kate is nowhere to be seen.

Series creator Dan Fogelman thinks it will be very hard for This Is Us fans to figure out what happens with the couple, though you know the theories are flying.

In an interview with People, Fogelman explained that Kate and Toby are “in a challenging pocket of year,” noting, “There’s a lot going on here. Kate is feeling like she’s home alone with a child, meanwhile Toby is feeling left out. They’re dealing with a baby who has special needs and he’s putting extra strain on them as a couple. They have a very challenging back half of the season but I don’t think it’s going to go quite where people think it’s going to go.”

Fogelman discussed the matter of weight loss, sharing that it’s a factor but “it’s also a lot about secrets being kept and community being formed.”

He continued: “We’ve covered [weight loss] quite a lot and it’s an identifiable quality when partners are changing whether it’s physically or emotionally and you feel like you’re not. It was never just about the weight loss for her and for them.”

“The feeling of when not just one person is losing weight and you’re not but also simultaneously it’s accomplishing a shared goal at the exact moment where it was hardest for you to do it,” he added. “That’s not just about weight but it’s also about psychology and the psychology of a relationship.”

As for fan theories, Fogelman thinks that predicting the trajectory of Kate and Toby’s relationship won’t be easy, noting: “We’re going to be tapping into some intense marital stuff that is specific to these two characters and their situation with baby Jack. It’s interesting stuff. It would be very hard for people to guess where they’re headed.”