‘This Is Us’: This Theory About Kevin’s Fiancée Is So Simple, It Could Seriously Come True

[Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 ahead!] Say what you want — This Is Us knows how to leave fans hanging on for more. And the mystery behind Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) fiancée — aka the mother of his son — is no exception. The NBC drama teased fans with a flash-forward in the season 3 finale, confirming Kevin has a child. Then in the This Is Us Season 4 fall finale, set nine months from the present day, viewers learned Kevin has a pregnant fiancée. So who is Kevin engaged to? Fans have plenty of theories to keep you satisfied until the winter premiere on Jan. 14. But one viewer wondered if a throwaway line already revealed her true identity.

What happens to Kevin in the ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 fall finale?

As mentioned, Kevin’s son was unveiled in the This Is Us Season 3 finale. In the flash-forward sequence, a blonde boy walks around Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) home as the Pearson family gathers around Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) sickbed.

When Randall asks the boy where his dad is, the kid tells his uncle, “He went to go get takeout.” Then when Randall turns to Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) he drops a bombshell on viewers. “Classic Kevin,” he says.

Now, fast-forward to the This Is Us Season 4 fall finale. The Pearson family gathers at a cabin for Kevin and Kate’s 40th birthday — as Randall isn’t speaking with Kevin. Rebecca is escorted back to the cabin by a police officer, hinting her memory will continue to deteriorate in the future.

Nevertheless, fans also discover a few details about Kevin’s life in nine months. As the police officer is dealing with paperwork, Kate asks her brother how “she” is doing. Kevin then tells Kate that “she” is laying down and nauseous. The policewoman looks over for more context. So Kevin says, “My fiancée has got morning sickness at all hours of the day.” And that’s all we know until 2020.

Who is Kevin’s fiancée, the mother of his son?

Naturally, following the season 4 fall finale, This Is Us fans were washed with a wave of excitement, speculating their own ideas about Kevin’s fiancée. And although many are hoping the mother of Kevin’s son will be Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), Zoe (Melanie Liburd), or even Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), it’s possible the writers already gave away the woman’s identity.

On Reddit, one fan brought up a discussion between Rebecca and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in the eighth episode of the fourth season, titled “Sorry.” They go over potential baby names for their triplets and challenged themselves to only choose from “Z” names.

For the boys, Jack chooses Zachary, Zeke, and Zepplin. But when Rebecca asks if their kids are all girls, Jack isn’t nearly as prepared. “Zoe,” he says. “Zophie. Zuzan.”

Justin Hartley as Kevin on 'This Is Us'
Justin Hartley as Kevin on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“No, you can’t just put Zs on ‘S’ names,” Rebecca says before the This Is Us episode moves on.

That said, the fan wondered if the writers put in a fun throwaway line to reveal the name of Kevin’s fiancée.

“Zoe (Zoe) Zophie (Sophie) Zusan (Susan),” the fan wrote on Reddit. “So sensing a pattern her name must be Susan!!”

The viewer then noted that they were joking. However, other This Is Us fans shared they would be willing to see the simple theory end up on the show.

“That would be pretty cool if her name ends up being Susan!” one fan responded.

‘This Is Us’ cast and crew on Kevin’s journey for the back half of season 4

For now, the identity of Kevin’s fiancée will be kept under wraps until This Is Us decides it’s time. But even so, it’s possible fans will find out sooner than later. As you know, the NBC drama opens each season on Kevin, Randall, and Kate’s birthday. So the second half of season 4 will lead up to the events in the flash-forward shown in the fall finale, which will be featured as the season 5 premiere.

“We have started every season so far with the Big Three’s birthday in the present day,” executive producer Isaac Aptaker told TV Guide. “That cabin sequence that Rebecca arrives into is their 40th birthday, so that would suggest that’s where we’re going to start Season 5. People won’t have to wait too long for answers in the flash-forwards.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Us Weekly, Brown revealed where Kevin will be at the start of the This Is Us Season 4 winter premiere on Jan. 14.

“We know that Kevin has an idea towards what he wants in life, finally,” Brown said. “And so we’ll start to explore if and how he’s able to materialize what it is that he’s calling into being, in terms of starting his own family.”

Brown also hinted that Kevin’s fiancée — and her pregnancy — will likely have a positive impact on his character’s brother. When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Brown said:

I think it took [Kevin] to age 39 to be clear on what it was that he wanted for his life. He has all the trappings of fame and fortune, and he’s still feeling empty. And this time in Pennsylvania with his uncle and with Cassidy gave him a sense of family, a sense of responsibility to other people outside of themselves. And it felt good. So now I think it’s not so much of an impulsion, it’s a recognition of “That thing that I wasn’t clear on, I finally have clarity.” So I lean towards it being a positive.

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