‘This Is Us’: This Kevin and Nicky Theory Will Make Your Palms Sweat

Things just got a lot more complicated on This Is Us. The fourth season introduced a new “Big Three” in Kevin (Justin Hartley), Nicky (Griffin Dunne), and Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison). Each member of the unlikely trio is a recovering alcoholic. However, they seem to have found comfort and support within one another. But, in the latest episode, titled “The Club,” things just got a lot more complicated. And as a result, fans have theorized a potential storyline for Kevin and Nicky that will leave any This Is Us fan speechless.

[Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 ahead!]

What happened to Kevin, Cassidy, and Nicky in ‘This Is Us’?

Justin Hartley as Kevin on 'This Is Us' - Season 4
Justin Hartley as Kevin on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

When “The Club” begins, Kevin is stalking Zoe (Melanie Liburd) on social media and notices she is will another man. When he shows Nicky the picture, he accidentally “likes” the photo, and Kevin lashes out. Suddenly, Kevin wants to go on a hike, and Nicky declines the offer.

“Go to a meeting, Kevin,” Nicky says, noticing his nephew’s restlessness. But, Kevin doesn’t go to a meeting. Instead, he goes to the gym with Cassidy and the two bond. Cassidy admits she hasn’t seen her husband since the hockey game. Meanwhile, Kevin shares that he and Zoe broke up because he wanted kids and she didn’t.

Later in the episode, Cassidy is a mess after an argument with her husband. She then meets up with Kevin at his trailer, who comforts her. In turn, Cassidy suddenly kisses him and quickly tries to leave once she realizes what happened.

The episode then continued with other storylines, making fans forget. However, as per This Is Us fashion, Nicky apologized to Kevin at the end of the episode before revealing a major shocker. “We should have taken that hike,” Nicky tells him. Then fans discover Kevin slept with Cassidy. And yes, everything is a mess.

Fans think Kevin relapses in ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 and Nicky must help him get sober

Following the premiere of This Is Us Season 4, Episode 6, viewers flocked to the internet to express their thoughts and predictions for what’s to come. But in a thread on Reddit, one fan came up with a fan theory that could lead to some major drama in the upcoming episodes.

“I’m calling it now: Kevin relapses and Nicky ends up helping Kevin get sober, rather than the other way around,” the fan explained.

The Redditor then continued, pointing out Nicky’s recent behavior in comparison to Kevin’s.

“Nicky’s making pretty good choices lately, like leaving the hockey game environment and going to regular AA meetings,” the user wrote. “Kevin, on the other hand, is ALSO a recovering addict but right after that conversation about avoiding new relationships, he hooks up with Cassidy (who clearly has issues of her own). There is no way the Kevin-Cassidy relationship ends well.”

They also hypothesized how it will all go down. “Somehow, either during or as a result of that relationship, Kevin’s going to start drinking again, and Nicky is going to step up and help him,” the fan wondered. “And that will be huge for Nicky – who is traumatized by accidentally killing that young boy in Vietnam – because finally he will get to save someone.”

Meanwhile, most fans seemed to agree with the theory about Nicky and Kevin. Some even noted Nicky’s “We should have taken that hike” comment could be foreshadowing for Nicky saving Kevin in the future.

And another Reddit user suggested a possible reason for Kevin to relapse. “Maybe after their hook up Kevin realizes he actually has feelings for Cassidy,” the user wrote. “And then shortly after Cassidy’s husband ends up wanting to work things out and she goes back to him, therefore, causing Kevin to drink.”

Producers on what’s coming for Kevin, Nicky, and Cassidy

In all honesty, it seems like the fan theory about Nicky and Kevin’s storyline in This Is Us Season 4 could be plausible. When speaking with producers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker, Entertainment Weekly brought up Nicky’s final remark about the hike. They also mentioned how strange it was to see Nicky as the “voice of reason.”

“I know, the tables have really turned there,” Aptaker said.

However, fans will have to wait and see how Kevin actually deals with the aftermath of his hookup with Cassidy. But, it certainly looks like it’s going to be difficult. “We’re going to see [Kevin] beating himself up a bit for the way this… got away from him,” Berger told EW.

Nevertheless, it’s clear the recent hookup is a mistake. “Kevin has a bit of a self-destructive streak,” Aptaker revealed. “If it’s not drinking, it’s other reckless, questionable behavior. And I think that this is another example of his impulsivity getting the better of him.”

“He’s a recovering addict in a small town with nothing to do, watching his ex move on with another man,” Berger added. “When you have an available, beautiful, fascinating woman standing in front of you, that can be the perfect storm for making the wrong decision.”

Although the future is unclear for Nicky, Cassidy, and Kevin, more drama is bound to rise in the next few episodes of This Is Us. So hold on tight, because anything could happen.

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