‘This Is Us’: Where Is Kevin’s Son in the Future? This Theory Will Warm Your Heart Before the Winter Premiere

In one way or another, the Pearson family is growing on This Is Us. In the third season finale, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) welcomed baby Jack into the world. Then in the final flash-forward of the season, viewers discovered Kevin (Justin Hartley) has a son — and the mother has yet to be determined. However, in the This Is Us Season 4 fall finale, the NBC series revealed a few more details about Kevin’s son, which allowed viewers to connect a few dots. And although the Nov. 18 episode left most fans devastated, others came up with a theory that will warm your soul until the winter premiere on Jan. 14.

What happened in the ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 fall finale flash-forward?

The final scene of the This Is Us Season 4 fall finale stunned fans with another flash-forward, set nine months after the Thanksgiving episode. And while everyone is celebrating the 40th birthday of The Big Three, the Pearson family is basically in pieces. But, hey, at least we learned a few things.

First, fans should be worried about Rebecca (Mandy Moore), as her memory appears to be deteriorating. Next, Kate is now signing her name “Kate Pearson,” making fans think that she divorces Toby. Meanwhile, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin aren’t speaking. Though we don’t know why.

This Is Us fans also learn that the mother of Kevin’s child is actually his fiancée, who is pregnant at the time of the flash-forward with a spell of morning sickness. And the identity of Kevin’s fiancée is still unknown to the audience. But given the approaching timeline of the scene, it’s clear Kevin will become a father much sooner than viewers previously anticipated.

‘This Is Us’ fans realize Kevin’s son is close to Jack in age

Justin Hartley as Kevin on 'This Is Us' Season 4
Justin Hartley as Kevin in ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Following the This Is Us Season 4 fall finale, fans flocked to social media to express their concerns about the Pearson family. However, one fan on Reddit prompted a heartwarming discussion after realizing Kevin’s son and baby Jack will be close in age on This Is Us.

“It just dawned on me that Baby Jack will be about a year or so older than Kevin’s future son, as Kevin will be expecting a baby in 9 months on their 40th bday,” the fan wrote. “So the little boy running around in last season’s finale should be around the same age as Baby Jack as their grandmother Rebecca is on her deathbed, still kids.”

The fan then explained how old everyone is in the far future, when baby Jack becomes Jack Damon (Blake Stadnik).

They continued: “So the timeline of Baby Jack as a 30something expectant father would have Kevin’s son also 30something, and Kevin/Kate/Randall in their 70s, Tess/Deja in their mid40s, Annie late30s/early40s, and Miguel/Rebecca/Nicky likely long gone (or Nicky being younger also a very old man on his deathbed).”

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The fan also wondered about the future of the Pearson family and how the next generation will get along.

“Seeing the far future will be interesting,” the fan wrote. “Are Jack and Kevin’s unnamed kid, being cousins and guys and close in age, also good friends/close like brothers? Will Kevin or Kate, if alive in their 70s, also have dementia? Will 40something Tess, Deja, Annie all show up to Jack’s for that future Thanksgiving with their kids and significant others? And maybe a little old Beth/Randall, Kevin, Kate, Toby?”

Later, the fan even offered a theory about Jack and Kevin’s son, wondering if they will be the next Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Nicky (Griffin Dunne/Michael Angarano).

“But for real, seeing Jack and whatever Kevin’s son’s name is being close is the heartwarming content I crave,” the fan wrote. “Ooo if Kevin names his son Nicholas though! Jack and Nicky 2.0.”

Regardless, most fans hope the future generation of the Pearson family still has plenty of happy moments ahead, even if we don’t get to watch it all play out onscreen. Though, one fan proposed the perfect title of a potential This Is Us spinoff series.

This Is Cousins,” the Redditor wrote.

‘This Is Us’ fans predict Kate is not dead

The close ages of Kevin’s son and baby Jack spawned a few more theories. But one hypothesis about Kate within the This Is Us Season 3 flash-forward sequence stood out.

In the episode titled “Her,” Kate was nowhere to be seen as the Pearson family gathered at Rebecca’s bedside. However, Toby was spotted without his wedding ring. Many fans wondered if Toby and Kate got divorced or if Kate was dead in the future. But with the new information in the season 4 fall finale, some fans are adding a few more pieces to the puzzle.

On Reddit, one fan noted that in the This Is Us Season 3 flash-forward, Toby told Randall that he spoke with Jack and “they are coming.” The fan speculated that Kevin’s kid was “around 10” and the story only makes sense one of two ways.

The first theory assumes the flash-forward in “Her” is around 10 years after the present day. “So when Toby says they are coming he means Jack Jr and Kate and all the gloomy predictions about Kate are a red herring,” the fan wrote. “And/or KaToby are broken up and Kate has custody of Jack Jr, which is still gloomy.”

The second option assumed the flash-forward is around 15-20 years after the present day. Of course, this would mean “this is not the kid that is a year junior to Jack Jr, but a younger kid of Kevin’s (he doesn’t have to only have one, he may have had a whole bunch).”

So what’s really in store for Kate, Kevin’s son, and the rest of the Pearson family? Fans will have to hold on tight for a little while longer. More questions will be answered when This Is Us returns on Jan. 14, 2020.

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