‘This Is Us’: Fans, Producers, and Co-Stars Cannnot Stop Talking About Milo Ventimiglia’s Directorial Debut

Milo Ventimiglia directed his very first episode of NBC’s This Is Us on October 22, 2019, and people are talking. The positive feedback is coming in from every direction. Fans, the show’s producers, and co-stars all are impressed with Ventimiglia’s directorial debut.

Milo Ventimiglia
Milo Ventimiglia | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Fans want Ventimiglia to win an Emmy for his directing skills

Instagram users are in a frenzy over the latest This Is Us episode. Aside from the mystery surrounding Kate’s boyfriend, the chatter is all about Ventimiglia’s directing. Fans have nothing but good things to say.

One Instagram user wrote, “This episode is AMAZING. Easily in my top 5. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that he directed it! The writing was amazing, and he got the best performances out of everyone!”

An enormous amount of others felt the same way. Another fan wrote, “Milo deserves an Emmy for directing this episode.” 

The episode was very intricate with the development of many new characters, including young Sophie and Kate’s new boyfriend, Marc. Yet, Ventimiglia still nailed it. 

Co-Star, Justin Hartley has nothing but good things to say about Ventimiglia’s Directorial Debut

Ventimiglia plays Hartley’s dad, Jack on This Is Us, but the two do not get a chance to be on-screen together. Hartley’s character, Kevin is living in the present day where Jack is dead. We are only able to see Jack via flashbacks, so young Kevin gets the chance to act with Ventimiglia. 

Hartley told People, “Because of the way that the story works on the show, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to be working together, so it was nice to actually be at work and have him there even in that capacity. It’s cool, it’s awesome.”

The co-star was excited to spend time with Ventimiglia on-set. He continued, “He’s my buddy, so it’s nice to have him, and he’s a very, very capable, very smart guy. I don’t think anyone was worried about how he was going to do. Everybody knew he was going to be great at that. It was just nice having him there. And I like Milo, I like hanging out with him, I like being around him.”

Hartley agrees with everything fans are saying. He knew Ventimiglia would be a great director. Hartley will also have the chance to direct an episode of This Is Us later in the season.

‘This Is Us’ Producers agree that Ventimiglia was amazing directing this week’s episode

Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger both gave rave reviews over Ventimiglia’s directing skills. They were immensely impressed that it was his first time doing the job, and he still did so well. 

Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly about Ventimiglia’s director skills, “He was so, so prepared. He storyboarded out that whole sequence with the bird. It was mostly a real bird — a couple of visual effects. He met with the bird people, planned out every shot, figured out how he was going to do it in a way that didn’t freak out the bird.”

Aptaker continued, “I mean, he was like wildly, wildly thorough. You’d have no idea that it was (his) first time doing it. He designed the logo for that Bradford hockey team by hand. He was a real Renaissance man when it came to directing this thing.”

Berger agreed, “It was one of the easiest jobs we’ve ever had once we got to the edit bay because he had thought it out so carefully — and he knows the show just inside and out as well as anyone in the world.”

It looks like we may see Ventimiglia directing again since he is such a natural at it. Catch new episodes of This Is Us Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on NBC.