‘This Is Us’: Producers Say Kevin May Regret This Decision Down the Line

If you’re still recovering from the This Is Us Season 4 fall finale, join the club. There’s a lot to process. The Thanksgiving episode ended with a few major reveals, including the state of Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) relationship status. Now, producers suggest he may run into more problems than solutions when the show returns in January. And yes, it’s an eternity away.[Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 ahead!] 

Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson
Justin Hartley as Kevin | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Kevin made a pact with himself to marry and have children by the age of 40

At the end of the Nov. 19 episode, Kevin makes the decision to commit to a relationship, get married, and become a father. At the time of this confession, he’s a single man with no sign of an impending relationship in sight — let alone a child.

Fans have speculated far before the fall finale that Kevin and war veteran, Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), are endgame. The seeds were planted when Morrison was cast, and strengthened the longer Kevin and Cassidy spent together.

Right before her exit from the show (at least for now), the two slept together. As recovering alcoholics who are supposed to be focused on their own health and recovery (without romantic entanglements), both regretted the decision and ultimately decided to remain friends.

Some aren’t so sure Cassidy is out of Kevin’s life for good, saying that one encounter may lead to Cassidy’s pregnancy, bringing her back into Kevin’s life and fulfilling his 40th birthday prophecy.

However, in true, This Is Us fashion, it all feels a little too easy if that’s the way it plays out. If we know creator, Dan Fogelman, Cassidy is not the mark to keep our eyes on.

Kevin’s relationship timeline is complicated

To see a glimpse of the near-distant future where single Kevin is suddenly engaged and expecting a child means he either dove headfirst into an old relationship, or it’s someone not yet introduced. That, too, would have to wrap up quick for the timeline to make sense.

In case you’ve forgotten how many women are in Kevin’s pool of possible moms-to-be, let’s recap.

Sophie (Alexandra Breckinridge) is Kevin’s first love, first wife, and the first woman he went back to in multiple attempts to rekindle (and ruin) what was lost.

After Sophie, he starred in a Broadway play, dating both the playwright, Sloane (Milana Vayntrub), and the lead actress, Olivia (Janet Montgomery).

From there, enter Zoe (Melanie Liburd), who is also Beth’s cousin. The two had a good thing going until Zoe revealed she didn’t want kids, which was a deal-breaker.

There may have been a couple misdirects tossed in. For instance, Fogelman’s real-life wife who plays Madison (Caitlin Thompson), is a contender. Or, the girl at Kevin’s gym in season 4.

However, Cassidy is the only character who logically could’ve carried Kevin’s baby short of Sophie waltzing back into his life and professing her undying love.

The point is, Kevin has a lot of options. Too many. If his wishes to become a husband and father come true in such a short time, there are bound to be consequences.

Here’s what producers say Kevin may regret later on

We all know Kevin acts impulsively. It’s one of his many vices and he’s been this way since childhood. Executive producer, Isaac Aptaker, revealed to Entertainment Weekly why Kevin’s choices may haunt him in terms of that flash-forward scene.

“People can draw their own conclusions there, whether they want to believe that things are hunky-dory or if this was a bit of a panic and something that Kevin might wind up regretting.”

Aptaker expanded saying, the mystery woman could be anyone. The child that appears to be Kevin’s in the season 3 finale might not be Kevin’s first, or only child.

“As we’ve demonstrated throughout the run, and certainly this season, we love expanding our cast and introducing new characters. [Laughs] So I would say nothing’s off the table there.”

Aptaker also hinted the fallout between Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin could be due to Kevin’s impulsiveness. It could be related to the engagement and pregnancy (could it be Zoe after all?).

If you’re head is spinning from all the possibilities of how this will play out, once again, join the club. We’ll all breathe easy when This Is Us returns to NBC on January 14, 2020.