‘This Is Us’ Season 3: Is Beth and Randall’s Marriage in Danger?

Season 2 of This is Us has been game-changing for the show. We now know the root of many of the problems in the Pearson family. Surviving a fire and losing Jack is a big part of that. So what exactly is in store for next season?

We decided to find out by gathering everything that has been revealed by the cast and showrunners. Here are seven things to know, including if Beth and Randall’s marriage is in danger.

1. Next season we will see more of the year after Jack dies

We’ll learn more about their life after Jack’s death. | NBC

The show finally answered all of the fans’ questions surrounding Jack’s death. It also started looking to how the family dealt right after his death. But there are still things we don’t know about the Big Three’s senior year. It looks like we’ll find out more next season.

Co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker revealed to Glamour that we will be seeing how the big three try to move on that year, saying:

I’m really excited to dig into this period that we haven’t touched, which is this seminal year for the big three after the death of their father. It happened in February of their senior year of high school, which is a seminal time no matter what. They also had this tragedy occur, which affects the rest of their lives, so we’re going to dive into that year where there’re so many stories to tell about the decisions they make and the way they react to their father’s death shaped the trajectory for the next 20 years of their lives.

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2. We will be seeing their life-changing decisions made soon

THIS IS US -- "A Father's Advice" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hannah Zeile as Kate age 15, Logan Shroyer as Kevin age 15, Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Niles Fitch as Randall age 15 -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

The family may be making life-changing decisions. | NBC

In the upcoming episode, we’ll probably see their life-changing decisions after Jack’s death as well. Executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Variety:

So we’re now going to finally tell the story of, for Kate, when does the overeating really start [and], for Kevin, when does he make this pivot to decide he wants to be an actor and leave his family to move to Los Angeles and then marry Sophie pretty abruptly? And then for Randall, this kid was on such a path and such an all-star and is now facing a giant curveball, and he’s going to be completely torn between wanting to be there for Rebecca and be there for himself.

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3. Co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker says Beth won’t die anytime soon

Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson's Beth and Randall Pearson share a kiss in NBC's This Is Us

Beth will be sticking around, so fans don’t need to worry. | NBC

A devastating theory started taking off online that Beth would be the next to die on the show. But co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker thankfully shut this theory down at Glamour.

Beth’s OK,” said Aptaker. “I don’t know where that came from, but there’s no conspiracy.”

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4. Brown said wrapping up Season 2 was bittersweet

Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson on NBC's This is Us

Sterling K. Brown said he can’t wait for Season 3. | NBC

It seems like Brown is just as sad as fans that the show will be away for a while. He talked about his feelings with People.

It was bittersweet,” he said. “We love each other and we have a wonderful time working with each other, but we’re also excited because we know how the season ends and it ends very strongly and also opens up very interesting storylines moving forward into Season 3.”

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5. Brown hints Randall and Beth have trouble ahead of them

Sterling K. Brown's Randall Pearson and Susan Kelechi Watson's Beth Pearson sit on a couch in NBC's This is Us

Beth and Randall may face some more obstacles in the future. | NBC

Season 2 definitely showed that Randall and Beth aren’t always on the same page. It looks like this will continue next season, but fans don’t have to worry too much about their marriage.

“There will be a bit of an exploration of marriage with regards to Randall and Beth going through times that aren’t all sunshine and rainbows,” he told People. “And that’s not to say that they are in danger of parting ways, but marriage is real and takes work.”

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6. We will be seeing the beginning of Rebecca and Miguel

Mandy Moore and Jon Huertas as Rebecca Pearson and Miguel on NBC's This is Us

We’ll learn about the love story of these two. | NBC

We know that Rebecca and Miguel get romantically involved after Jack, but how did it all start? We will get that answer soon.

“What that looks like does lead to the future as we know it for them — but how exactly that plays out and how it leads to that moment we saw in the Halloween flashback episode, where he reaches out to her after many years, is going to be a big Season 3 story,” Isaac Aptaker told Variety.

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7. We might also see more into the future

Tess and Randall

We may get more flash forwards to the future. | NBC

We already got a glimpse of adult Tess and an older Randall. We might get more of that soon. “One of the rules of the show in the writers’ room is that nothing is off the table,” Aptaker told Variety. “We’re always encouraging our writers to pitch us any crazy idea — anywhere in the spectrum of time.”

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