‘This Is Us’ Season 5: Fans Predict That Beth ‘Gets in Randall’s Face’ About Rebecca’s Clinical Trial

NBC’s critically acclaimed series, This Is Us, concluded its fourth season on March 24, 2020, but that won’t stop fans from predicting what is going to happen in season 5.

In the finale, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) had a massive falling out over the care of their mother, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore). Fans predict that Randall’s wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is the one who finally “gets in Randall’s face” about the trial. 

Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown
Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

What happened during the season 4 finale of ‘This Is Us’?

Throughout season 4 of This Is Us, Randall pushed Rebecca to see specialists and undergo testing for her forgetfulness. Viewers watched as Rebecca was diagnosed with dementia, and she slowly told her three children. 

Things began to escalate when Randall insisted Rebecca participate in a drug trial that would take her away from her family for nine months. At first, she refused to go because she was happy spending the last months or years of her life around the people she loves. 

However, Randall pushed harder, insisting that he was always a wonderful son and did so much for his mother. He brought up the fact that she kept the information about Randall’s biological father away from him for so long. In the end, Randall won. Rebecca agreed to leave her family to do the clinical trial. 

Kevin quickly found out that her decision was from Randall’s persuasion and engaged in a very intense fight with his brother. Both siblings said things that they would later regret, but viewers are afraid the words did lasting damage to the relationship. 

Fans predict ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 opens with a Beth and Randall blowout fight

During the season 4 finale, fans could tell that Beth did not agree with Randall’s decision to push his mother into participating in the trial. However, she did not speak her mind to him, like she usually does. 

“I think Beth is going to be the one to snap Randall out of his manipulative, manic phase,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “She has always been good at grounding him, and Lord knows, he needs some grounding now. Beth pretty much bit her tongue during the whole final episode.” 

Viewers know that Beth is treading lightly around Randall because of his current mental state. He was very shaken up after the break-in to his home, and he has a history of anxiety attacks.

“But I don’t see that lasting much longer,” continues the fan. “I would love a big, loud ‘Beth gets in Randall’s face’ scene, after which Randall calls Rebecca and tells her she should make her own decision about the clinical trial. 

Many fans agree with this theory that Beth helps to bring Randall back down to earth.

Fans feel Randall and Kevin reconcile during ‘This Is Us’ Season 5

Both brothers said very hurtful words to each other, but fans admit that it happens in all families. Many viewers agree that the two will talk it out after prodding from both Beth and Kate (Chrissy Metz).

“I think Randell and Kevin will bury the hatchet next season,” wrote another fan. “I think deep down; they love each other too much to stay away for years and years.”

This Is Us will return to NBC in late September 2020, assuming that production resumes as planned after the coronavirus pandemic passes.

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