‘This Is Us’ Season 5: Sterling K. Brown Says Kevin and Randall Are ‘Ready’ To Repair What They Broke

This Is Us Season 5 just gave fans a glimmer of hope for Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown). The two brothers got into the fight of their lives in the fourth season finale. But after the all-new episode on Jan. 14, Brown revealed Randall and Kevin are finally ready to repair their relationship — here’s what the actor said.

What happened to Kevin and Randall in ‘This Is Us’ Season 5?

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In the This Is Us Season 4 finale, Kevin and Randall unleashed years of resentment upon one another. The Pearson brothers initially argued about Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) medical care. But by the end of the fight, both Randall and Kevin exchanged cruel words they could never take back.

For the first few episodes of This Is Us Season 5, viewers watched as Randall and Kevin experienced a few uncomfortable interactions. It was clear the fight strained the relationship. But even so, both parties weren’t ready to reconcile.

Finally, Kevin reached out to Randall in the fifth episode titled “A Long Road Home.” The actor called his brother because he wasn’t sure whether to film a movie in Vancouver while his fiancée, Madison (Caitlin Thompson), was pregnant with twins in LA. Kevin also admitted he often wonders what Randall would do in difficult situations. 

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By the end of their conversation, Kevin and Randall seemingly apologized to each other. The two brothers also briefly touched on Randall’s feelings as a Black man who was raised by a white family. Then Randall suddenly ended the conversation after realizing he wanted to learn more about his birth mother’s story.

In This Is Us Season 5 Episode 6, titled “Birth Mother,” Randall traveled to New Orleans to learn more about his mom, Laurel (Jennifer C. Holmes). Randall discovered the truth about Laurel’s past and why she never tried to find him. But ultimately, the city councilman realized that his mother truly loved him. So Randall started to let go of his pain, which included his feud with Kevin.

Sterling K. Brown reveals what’s next for Randall and Kevin in ‘This Is Us’ Season 5

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Now, it seems Kevin and Randall are on the road to reconciliation in This Is Us Season 5. Then when speaking with Entertainment Weekly in January 2021, Brown teased what fans can expect moving forward. 

“There’s no relationship without forgiveness,” Brown said. “I think [Randall and Kevin] slowly over the course of this season have been having these moments of like, ‘Oh man, that was pretty sh*tty what I did. Maybe we can find the space to start anew.’ I think they are ready. And fairly soon, you’ll see them come together in a really lovely way.”

Sterling K. Brown as Randall speaking with Justin Hartley as Kevin on 'This Is Us' Season 5 Episode 1 premiere
Sterling K. Brown as Randall and Justin Hartley as Kevin on ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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Meanwhile, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brown shared what needs to happen between Randall, Kevin, and Kate (Chrissy Metz). 

“I think there’s some healing to be done between him and his brother,” Brown said of Randall. “I think there are conversations to be had amongst the Big Three in total dealing with race, how their family dealt with race.”

He continued, “Statistics bear out that families of color are talking about issues of race at a much earlier age than white families are. Randall’s finding him in the midst of that crossroads.”

While Kevin and Randall are starting to heal in This Is Us Season 5, there are still plenty of conversations to be had. So stay tuned. New episodes air Tuesday nights on NBC.