‘This Is Us’ Star Justin Hartley Spotted Without His Wedding Ring and Fans Are Sounding Off

Not even a week has passed since news broke of This Is Us star Justin Hartley’s divorce filing, and fans are still reeling. Hartley married Chrishell Stause in 2017 after nearly three years of dating. They’ve been separated since July 8, 2019, according to court documents. Read on to see fan reactions to the news.

Hartley co-parents daughter Isabella with his first ex-wife, Lindsay Korman

Justin Hartley
Justin Hartley visits at SiriusXM Studios | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Hartley’s first marriage of eight years to actress, Lindsay Korman, resulted in their 15-year-old daughter, Isabella. The two actors met on the set of Passions in 2003 and Hartley proposed after six months of dating. They even renewed their vows during that timeframe.

Two months after they tied the know, Hartley and Korman welcomed Isabella. Korman previously said Hartley was absent filming when Isabella was young, causing further strain on the relationship.

Korman filed for divorce in 2012 citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to TMZ, and co-parent Isabella as a unified team.

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Hartley previously told Us Weekly how he and Korman make their new relationship (as parents-only) work.

“Communication and an understanding of where everyone’s coming from and realizing that it’s hard,” he said. “As much as you try to put yourself in other people’s shoes, you’re never fully going to be able to do it, but you should just make the effort.”

He offered nothing but praise for the mother of their child.

“She’s very resourceful, so I’m thankful that that’s the case (and) I get a lot of help from my ex-wife,” he said adding he also gets a lot of help from his daughter.

“I mean, she’s the one that’s making it all go around. She deserves all the credit.”

Hartley is spotted sans wedding ring and fans are freaking out

On Nov. 23, just one day after filing for divorce, Hartley was spotted at a gas station in Los Angeles without his wedding ring. Once again the court documents for Hartley’s second marriage cited “irreconcilable differences.”

The couple had been legally apart since July, making their formal outings together even more confusing to their fan base.

Details aren’t known about what caused the breakup, but fans have a lot of feelings about it

Hartley posted a photo of Stause for her birthday in July (after legal separation). He captioned it: “Let’s all wish this young gem of a human a very happy birthday! To many more years of love and laughs!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @chrishellhartley !!!!!!! !!!!!!!”

Obviously fans couldn’t let that sit now that the divorce has come to light.

“If the reason you’re leaving this beautiful human is because of your career that’s sad,” one fan commented. “If you both agreed to start a family don’t put that on hold! She’s 38 and spent six years of her life with you. Hollywood is not worth what you two share!”

Another refused to let the date slide saying, “LOL you wish this “gem” happy birthday and to many more years of love and laughs WHEN YOU SPLIT UP JULY 8TH!!!!!! Dude.”

Other’s think none of it was true. “He’s lying. They weren’t separated. I call BS on this whole thing.”

Things aren’t much better on Twitter. One fan wrote, “Why do I have a feeling #ChrishellStause was blindsided by #JustinHartley divorce filing?”

And finally, one fan took the opportunity to suggest Hartley’s newly single status is a good thing.

“Me: I am sooo sad regarding #JustinHartley’s divorce. Also me… and every other woman in America regarding Justin Hartley’s divorce,” followed by GIF of Goofy, Mickey, and Donald tip-toeing towards something.”

Why news of Justin Hartley’s divorce is so shocking

People’s source said the Hartley and Stause are “somewhat fundamentally incompatible.” This is a shock to all who’ve witnessed the happy couple together. The source suggested Stause was “ready to just settle down and be a wife and stay-at-home mom,” while Hartley “is focused on capitalizing on the “new level of fame.”

Back in May, Stause told Us Weekly they’d planned to have kids, but she wasn’t sure when it might happen.

“I have a stepdaughter, so we’ve got our hands full with high school,” she said at the time.

At the same time, Entertainment Tonight said friends close to the couple “are completely shocked by Justin filing for divorce.” The insider added that, “Friends are speculating this was an impulse on Justin’s side due to something that happened, and are hopeful the couple can work things out.”

Breakups are hard no matter who’s to blame. We don’t know what happened (and it’s not our business), but we wish them both the best.