‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore Reveals How She Feels About Her Body at 35

Mandy Moore is certainly at a high point in her life. Recently celebrating her first wedding anniversary with husband Taylor Goldsmith, the actress is also enjoying the high viewership and critical acclaim for her NBC hit This Is Us, receiving her first Emmy nomination this year for her role as Rebecca Pearson.

Moore recently shared that she’s gaining confidence as she gets older, both mentally and physically.

“This Is Us” Mandy Moore | Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

There’s more to Moore than acting

Though Moore has been a presence on the small and big screens for quite some time with roles in films like A Walk to Remember, How to Deal, and License to Wed, she started out pursuing a career as a singer. She got to use her vocal talents in the blockbuster animated Disney movie Tangled, and has had the opportunity to perform on her current television drama.

Now playing a role in two different phases of life, Moore is enjoying the range of Rebecca and the tone of the popular NBC show. “I believe [the show] deserves to be right there with everyone else,” Moore said, according to Deadline. “I think people love the cathartic nature of our show during these very tumultuous, confusing, emotionally charged times where I feel like life itself is sort of forcing us to be on one side or the other. Our show is just this middle ground that shows there’s more to celebrate.”

Getting better with age

Now 35, Moore is appreciating her current success and experiencing greater self-acceptance. “I feel so grateful for where I am in my life personally and I feel very fulfilled and very satisfied,” she told People.

The This Is Us star revealed that she has had her own battles with insecurity, but over time has become very comfortable in her own skin. “[In our 20s] we all have to suffer through bouts of self-doubts and self-criticism. But none of that matters,” Moore shared. “All you’re doing is wasting time and energy when you could be pouring it into something way more productive. I feel better at 35 than I did in my 20s. I have a very healthy relationship with my sense of self and with my body.”

A healthy focus

The actress is also making a conscious effort to make wise choices when it comes to diet. “I try to make a good point of knowing what I’m putting in my body because I understand the connection with how I feel,” Moore said.

Her focus on healthy eating required some dietary changes. “I went to a functional medicine doctor and figured out things that are definitely not making me feel great,” Moore revealed. “Random things like cow’s milk, gluten, salmon, soy and apricots. I took them out of my diet and it’s made a world of difference. I have more energy; I don’t have that fog and my digestive issues have pretty much resolved themselves.”

Moore is a big believer in other wellness practices such as getting enough sleep, working out, and taking supplements. The Emmy-nominated star also places importance on mental and emotional health, often practicing meditation to stay balanced in all aspects of her life. “It’s about how you speak to yourself and how you speak about others,” Moore said. “I’m making sure I’m focused on self-care as well.”

Moore is clearly doing something right in both her professional and personal life!

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