‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore Says She’s ‘Obsessed’ With This 1 Thing

Mandy Moore is a national treasure. As America’s favorite TV mom on This Is Us, the actress knows a thing or two about transformation regimens. It takes a whopping four hours to age the actress for flash-forward and present-day scenes.

At the end of a long workday, some of Moore’s favorite indulgences aren’t as extra as you might think. Actually, one of them is something you’d probably never expect. Read on to find out about Moore’s current obsession.

Mandy Moore has a diverse beauty arsenal

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore attends the Premiere Of Lionsgates’ ‘Midway’ | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

With a mix of expensive, luxurious products and drugstore go-to’s, Moore isn’t afraid to experiment with things that make her feel good. As for now, she’s into the “less is more” approach when it comes to taking care of herself on the outside and within.

Moore told Allure in a 2018 interview, “I wear sunscreen, try to stay hydrated, get enough sleep — all of the easy precautionary measures for anybody at any age. I haven’t really upped the ante yet, but I probably need to start investigating some harder core tactics.”

The pop singer’s biggest splurge, she said, is a spa facial, but she’s also a fan of over-the-counter toner such as Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist which she sprays over her foundation and powder for a dewy glow.

Moore also admitted she takes her vitamins and sticks to a mostly gluten-free diet to aid her gluten intolerance and help her feel her best. She credits diet and mental health for her youthful appearance and bountiful spirit.

Moore reached Mount Everest Base Camp and found a love for something new

In May 2019, Moore and friends scaled Mount Everest in a 10-day excursion with the help of an experienced guide.

“There is so much magic in these mountains. They represent adventure in the grandest form and in a language all their own,” she captioned an Instagram picture.

In another photo, she spoke of how meaningful the trip to Nepal had become.

“Once we arrived in Kathmandu and had our debrief about what the next 10 days of our life we’re going to look like, it became abundantly clear that this experience was going to be one of physical discomfort, personal challenge, AND fundamental spiritual growth,” she said. “Sign me up.”

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There’s no way to distill this experience down to a few sentences. There’s no way to encapsulate what coursed through our veins and brains living in the mountains this past week. It will come in time. I think I’m slowly learning that I feel most like me when I’m outdoors. It’s couldn’t be any more outside my every day realm and yet there’s something entirely refreshing about being tasked with nothing more than breathing and slowly putting one foot in front of the other. One thing I know for certain is that this trip was what it was thanks in large part to the company. Being able to adventure alongside those you love deeply (@streicherhair, @chaseweideman, @thejendaltonshow) and new friends alike (@starfire_reid, @julianapse, @tyler__reid, @sherpatseringdolker), is an absolute gamechanger. We shared everything: laughs, toilet paper, snacks, skincare, the silly songs that got stuck in our heads, milk tea, selfies, the “happy naturals”, etc…. all the makings of a quality trip to the most remarkable place any of us have ever been. I’m also left inspired by the collective perseverance this group had to help each other every step of the way and to watch as we all met this shared goal of reaching base camp together is something I’ll never forget. Thank you to our friends at @eddiebauer for making this happen! And to the true MVP of this trek, @melissaarnot: thank you for sharing such a substantial piece of yourself and this second home of yours with us. It’s every bit as magical as you described: Your expertise, your stories, your wisdom, your belief in us…. set the tone for this entire experience…. The funny thing is, Melissa kept mentioning this idea of meditating and making goals while we were in the midst of the “pain cave”. It’s easy to daydream and make big plans when you’re down at sea level but it’s a much taller order to do it while in the grips of something truly difficult. Message received. I dug deep while in the midst of all of those pressure breaths and made a mental list of things that scared me but I was anxious to tackle. Now that I’m back on solid ground, I can’t wait to home and get to it. #whyihike #ebpartner

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The trek, which sits 17,600 feet above sea level, challenged Moore.

“Breathing at altitude, for instance, is not easy,” she wrote. “Besides hydration and staying nourished, breathing is THE vital key in the fight against altitude sickness. It’s also a major takeaway that I will be employing back to the real world whether I’m in the midst of a tough workout or a weird day. Mind blown.”

The trip came on the heels of a rising Mount Everest death toll due to overcrowding. The summit, 12,000 feet above the base camp,

Moore’s excursion comes as the Mount Everest death toll rises amid dangerous overcrowding, which made the feat that much more incredible. Along the way, Moore found a new love for something she’d never tried.

What product is Moore ‘obsessed’ with?

During a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Moore spoke of her hiking trip and the tea houses along the Khumbu Valley in Nepal. While there, she developed a liking to — wait for it — yak milk.

“They have yak milk tea, which I became obsessed with and wanted to, like, open a yak farm when I got home,” she said. “I’m like, ‘I’m obsessed with yak milk!'”

Her excitement for the milk may have had Kimmel confused, but Moore assured it not only tastes “delicious,” but has a major health benefit.

 “Cow’s milk hurts my stomach, but yak’s milk was fine,” she said.

Her affinity for the product even gave her an idea for future plans with husband, Taylor Goldsmith.

“Maybe I get a yak,” she said, mentioning where she’d put the animal. “In the yard? The dogs running around, the yak in the backyard.”

Beauty lovers behold — the key to the beauty within may not be a $400 facial or $10 drugstore spray. Take a trip to Nepal and give yak milk a try. If Rebecca Pearson swears by it, it can’t be that bad.