‘This Is Us’: The 1 Character The Show Couldn’t Survive Without

Fans of NBC’s This Is Us might consider Jack Pearson the real “center” of the entire show since all emotional ties in the family center in on his stellar fatherly duties. At the same time, he also had flaws that make the emotional aspects more complex, a mirror to so many real-life families.

When looking a little closer, it may not be Jack helping to hold things together. At least in the context of the post-Jack years, another Pearson family member is really becoming the new glue in keeping the family tied without acrimony.

Decree of this comes from TIU fans on Reddit where it’s argued the more flawed a character is, the more they understand the need to keep family ties going so the characters don’t fall apart.

Is Kevin really mending family grievances?

The cast of This Is Us
The Cast of This Is Us | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Despite Kevin having a massive actor’s ego and having personal demons haunting him constantly, fans think he’s the real nucleus of the Pearsons now. Part of this comes in him living with Randall and Beth for a while, plus linking up with Uncle Nicky as just starters.

Since Kevin is also prone to alcoholism and realizing how short life is (due to Jack’s early death), it seems former knows the real meaning to life is keeping your family connected. This may look strange coming from such a troubled soul, yet one could argue Kevin understands life better than any of the other Pearsons.

At the same time, he’s also highly opinionated and can create further riffs in his relationships. One has to think the future beef Kevin and Randall have with each other might have been started on Randall’s side rather than Kevin.

If true, let’s hope when the finale for This Is Us airs in a couple of years, everyone will see Kevin and Randall finally repair their brotherhood based solely on Kevin’s ability to mend family fractures.

What is it that tears Kevin and Randall apart?

All theories now say Kevin and Randall’s tiff appears to be the result of arguing over the care of their mom, Rebecca. This makes sense from a wider perspective since they wouldn’t refuse to talk to one another over something petty. Both know life is too short to stop talking to one another about trivial matters.

A major family event has to be behind it, and the care of Rebecca would only translate to the reason, mostly because there may be confusion on what she’s suffering from. Indications point to it being something other than just dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Even Mandy Moore confirmed last season it’s going to be something else, perhaps the direct reason behind the Kevin/Randall argument.

Having an official diagnosis may bring Kevin and Randall back together, which would indicate it still isn’t known what’s afflicting her while on her deathbed.

In the chance they do already know, it may be all about what kind of care she should have. Maybe Kevin wanted her to have more professional care rather than living in Randall and Beth’s home.

Will Kevin be deemed a good father when he has kids?

One of the flash-forwards on This Is Us this season shows Kevin will have a son eventually. The mother’s identity isn’t known yet, though it’ll probably be revealed before the season is over.

Since he knows all about the trials and tribulations of fatherhood from his own dad, Jack, it’s more than likely he’ll be one good father. Knowing that his personal demons are always there, keeping them in check will ensure he keeps his family together at all costs.

In the end, he may also be a key figure in stitching up his riff with Randall, perhaps in the emotional scene of Rebecca’s death.

After bringing Uncle Nicky into the family fray as well, it’s clear Kevin has a natural disposition to keeping family unity going, outside of a few road bumps to ensure reunions are emotional powerhouses.