‘This Is Us’: This New Fan Theory About Malik and Deja Will Melt Your Heart

Since the season 4 opener of This Is Us, fans are finding out more and more about the new character, Malik (Asante Blackk), and his relationship with Deja (Lyric Ross). Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) are not happy about their daughter, Deja, dating a 16-year-old with a baby, but they are allowing it. 

Fans, on the other hand, are enjoying watching the young love unfold, and have many theories about where their storyline will go. One particular theory is sure to make your heart skip a beat. 

Lyric Ross (Deja) and Asante Blackk (Malik)
Lyric Ross (Deja) and Asante Blackk (Malik) | Mitchell Haddad/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Malik reminds fans of another major character on ‘This Is Us’

Before we reveal the new fan theory, we need to look at the various men on This Is Us and what they have in common. Viewers see something special in Deja’s new boyfriend that they also see in other men on the show, particularly one favorite. 

“Loving that we have a new grand gesture expert in Malik,” wrote one fan on Reddit, “we’ve been missing those lately.”

Viewers love to see the romantic things that Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) does for Rebecca (Mandy Moore) on This Is Us, but we have not seen the couple very much lately.

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“I got major Jack vibes from Malik,” wrote another Redditor. “He’s romantic and thoughtful in a way that Jack was with Rebecca. I hope, at some point, Randall recognizes this in Malik.”

As the discussion continued, fans began to agree that the writers intended this commonality. Many viewers are calling Malik, “The New Jack.” 

Fans discovered a common theme surrounding the men on ‘This Is Us’

Not only does Malik display characteristics of Jack, but viewers believe many of the other men on the show do, too, and its no mistake.

“There is a common notion that ‘women marry their fathers,'” a viewer explained, “AKA, men who display very similar behaviors to their fathers. Randall is Jack’s son, and he wants to be a good husband to his wife in the same way that he saw his father was to his mother, Rebecca.”

“Kate was looking for her ‘Jack’ and found it in Toby,” the same fan continued. “While Deja has only been Randall’s daughter for a short while, he is [probably] the first man in her life to show her unconditional love. She sees how he loves Beth. I think it totally makes sense that the writers are trying to mirror the life that has come before.”

This continuity is a major theme in how the men in This Is Us act towards their significant others and implies something bigger between Malik and Deja.

This new fan theory is plausible and sweet

After much discussion about how much Malik reminds fans of Jack, a group of fans concluded what will happen between Deja and her new boyfriend.

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“Honestly, I’ve seen old people saying they fell in love with their high school sweetheart and have been married for 80 years,” wrote a fan on Reddit. “I think it’s possible even if it’s rare in this modern time for true love to be found. I hope this is it for them. Maybe they’ll be together in the flash-forward.”

“My parents have been together since high school,” another fan wrote, “and are about to hit their 49th wedding anniversary!” This viewer agrees that Deja and Malik could be end game. 

Fans believe that the similarities between Jack and Malik indicate that this high school romance is going to turn into a long-lasting love. They will be on the edge of their seats, waiting to see Malik appear in a flash-forward down the line. 

Until then, catch new episodes of This Is Us on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on NBC.