‘This Is Us’: This Subtle Sign Has Fans Convinced They Know Where Kevin’s Future Home Is—and Consequently Who His Fiance Might Be

NBC’s critically acclaimed series, This Is Us, is on winter break, and fans are getting restless. Avid viewers who are rewatching the three and a half seasons over again in the interim have some new theories. In the season 3 finale, we saw the matriarch, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore), on her death bed, in Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) home. Fans now think they know where his mansion is and who he marries.

Justin Hartley as Kevin
Justin Hartley as Kevin in ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Where does Kevin live on ‘This Is Us’ in seasons 1 through 3?

Kevin moves around quite a bit during his life, so we cannot pinpoint just one place of residence for the man. He grows up with his siblings, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown), in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a few trips to the family cabin a few hours away in the Poconos. 

When This Is Us begins—in the present-day—Kevin is an actor on a hit TV show, The Manny, and lives in Los Angeles, CA. He then relocates to NYC to pursue a career on Broadway. Season 2 finds Kevin still in New York filming an LA-based movie.

During season 3, Kevin is dating Zoe (Melanie Liburd); the two move in together in NYC. They travel to Vietnam together in search of answers about Kevin’s father, the late Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia).  Throughout the quest, they discover that Kevin’s Uncle Nicky is still alive—although he is quite a mess.

Season 4 begins a new chapter for Kevin and a new location to call home

During season 4, Kevin chooses to move to Bradford, PA, next to his Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne), in a motor home. He wants to help his Uncle get better as well as get to know him. In turn, Kevin ends up growing tremendously as a person by taking care of someone else. 

Kevin and Nicky meet Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), a Marine veteran and also a recovering alcoholic. The three form an unlikely trio of friendship in Bradford. Kevin consoles Cassidy as she tries to make things work with her husband. The pair end up sleeping together, and Nicky reprimands Kevin for it. 

The season 4 fall finale ends with Cassidy making amends with her husband. However, in a flash-forward nine months into the future, we find Kevin engaged to a mystery woman with a baby on the way. Fans are left wondering who the mother of Kevin’s child is, and where he ends up in the distant future.

Where do fans believe Kevin ends up living in the future with his mystery wife?

“When Kevin moves into the trailer next to Nicky’s, there was something about the way he was looking at the place,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “Like he could see a future there. My guess is that maybe the house we see on the flash-forward of Rebeca’s death bed was built where they park the trailers, and that is one of the reasons why Nicky is there.”

“It might also be an indication of who the mother of his child could be (maybe Cassidy),” continues the fan. “It’s far fetched, but it really got to me because of the way his face lit up.”

Although the fan thinks his theory is a bit out there, other viewers agree that it is a plausible idea.

“I like this theory, coupled with the memory of childhood-Nicky saying he’d have two houses someday,” added another Redditor. “Maybe there is a house for Nicky next door.”

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Several fans joined in the conversation to agree that Bradford, Pennsylvania might be the place that Kevin calls home in the future.

“I also think the house is where the trailers used to sit,” agreed yet another fan. “Nicky was there too, so likely possibly Kevin invited him to live with him to get to build the house there and figured they could just be closer.”

Although fans do not have concrete evidence on where Kevin’s home is in the flash-forward, This Is Us is known for its foreshadowing. This subtle nod might be precisely what the writers snuck into the story for a reason. Many fans hope that this sign also indicates that Kevin marries Cassidy, who also lives in Bradford. We will hopefully find out the answer to both of these questions when This Is Us returns from winter break on Jan. 14, 2020.