‘This Is Us’: Who Is Kevin’s Future Fiance? Here’s Why Fans Think it’s NOT Cassidy

The fall finale of This Is Us came with a full serving of surprises. One of the big ones was Kevin, casually mentioning that his fiancée was resting because she felt so bad with morning sickness. We didn’t get to see her face, so fans are abuzz with the mystery.

The last woman we’ve seen Keven with was Cassidy, so should we assume she’s the lucky mom? 

Kevin was ready for a family

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At the Thanksgiving celebration, Randall asked Kevin what was next for him. Kevin replied that he wanted a wife and a kid by the time he was 40. That sounded kind of unrealistic, and Randall reminded him that their birthday was only 9 months away.

Maybe Kevin took that as a challenge, because there he was at the birthday party 9 months later, talking about his pregnant fiancée. 

Kevin does seem ready to start a new phase in his life. He’s facing his alcohol addiction and seems to be getting his life together. His desire to be a dad was enough to end his relationship with Zoe, so it’s clearly a deep desire of his. Now that he’s finding his footing, this seems like the perfect time – and when has Kevin ever done things slowly and cautiously?

Does the timing mean it’s Cassidy?

The last time we saw Kevin with a woman it was Cassidy. They even slept together, although the timing probably doesn’t work out for this baby to be from that event. If Cassidy got pregnant at that time, she would be ready to deliver her baby by the time of the birthday party.

Last time we saw Cassidy she was trying to fix things with her husband. Did that not work out, so she came back to Kevin?

Some fans think that’s exactly what happened. As one commenter said on Reddit, “In only 9 months, I don’t think Kevin is going to get engaged to/have a baby with someone totally new.”

Since Cassidy is the last person Kevin was with, it might make sense that their relationship somehow moved forward to this point.

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Another fan was more practical, pointing out, “The reason I think it is Cassidy is because you don’t hire Jennifer Morrison for a 5 episode supporting role.” 

However, some viewers don’t think the writers of the show would create a storyline that simple. “I don’t think its Cassidy it just seems too easy, and they would have shown her face.”

It’s possible that Cassidy is pregnant with Kevin’s baby, although their relationship seems like it started off on some pretty shaky ground, so it could still be someone else.

Who else could it be?

If it isn’t Cassidy then who could the mystery mom be? Many fans are hoping it’s Kevin’s long-time love, Sophie. She was engaged the last time they spoke, but it’s always been Sophie for Kevin, really. 

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On the other hand, some are speculating that it could be an entirely new woman, and it’s true that Kevin can be impulsive in that way. 

Justin Hartley, who plays the character of Kevin, dropped a hint about who the fiancée might be. He promised that it would come together satisfyingly, and that “it’s one of those standard This Is Us writer moments where when you see it, you go, ‘Why didn’t I see that coming?’ But you can’t see it until it’s in front of your face.”

That makes it sound like it must be someone we’ve met before, not an entirely new character. The winter premiere episode can’t come soon enough, and in the meantime, fans have lots of theories to consider.