‘This Is Us’: Why Fans Are Raging About This New Story Line

From the tail end of the season 4 This Is Us premiere, some predicted a possible romance between Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison). Depending on which side you’re on, the new developments are either a good thing or a terrible thing. Here’s why dedicated fans are raging over Tuesday’s episode.

‘This Is Us’ teased a mystery mom to Kevin’s son in season 3

Justin Hartley on 'This Is Us'
Justin Hartley as Kevin on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

This Is Us has become a master at creating questions, tossing in red herrings, and revealing the big twists. One of which came in the season 3 finale.

In case you don’t remember, last season’s finale showed Rebecca (Mandy Moore) on her apparent death bed, where she was surrounded by most of the main cast (no solid spoilers here, friends). Writers took great care to toss in a few key details to ensure fans were thrown off for the entire hiatus.

One of the newest developments revealed a young boy assumed to be Kevin’s son. The question then became who is the mother of Kevin’s son? He and Zoe (Melanie Liburd) had broken up and his relationship with Sophie was (probably) completely over.

Season 4 of This Is Us introduced war veteran, Cassidy. Almost immediately, Kevin and Cassidy’s fate was sealed by the interwebs. However, a few theories suggested otherwise.

Kevin and Cassidy took their friendship to the next level

Though Cassidy and Kevin got off on the wrong foot, their friendship gradually settled. Thir off-beat relationship is best described by Kevin’s uncle, Nicky (Griffin Dunne). He said the way Kevin interacts with people as “strange.”

Tuesday’s episode explored things further with Kevin trying to find his place in Nicky’s neck of the woods, where he couldn’t see himself settling without a wife and kids. He took a gym employee on a date but the two were interrupted by a familiar face: Cassidy.

Things got heated between the two and, well, fans aren’t into it.

Here’s why fans aren’t into the new romance

After Cassidy tried to make amends with her husband, Ryan (which didn’t go so well), she ran to Kevin’s to tell him about it. That, of course, turned into a kiss, and that kiss turned into more.

The so-called hookup didn’t leave the best taste in viewers’ mouths. #ThisIsUs Twitter took a lot of heat. One fan Tweeted, “Wasn’t a big fan of Kevin and Cassidy’s storyline. I would have preferred their relationship remain non-sexual.”

“I don’t think I’m into Kevin and Cassidy.”

Another fan said: “I know there is a twist coming…my hope is that there will be a flashforward of the future and we will find out that Kevin and Sophie are together #kophie# ThisIsUs

“They should have kept Kevin & Cassidy friends. How do you go from someone like Zoe to someone like Cassidy?” another unhappy viewer stated. “Plus, the last thing he needs is another woman with issues #thisisus

Those are nice comments. Others downright raged at the new relationship. One even pleaded, “Make it stop right now.”

One fan pulled out the big guns saying, “Disappointed in this storyline. Does Kevin have to sleep with every woman he meets? She was vulnerable and he could have manned up and been a friend instead of jumping in bed. I wish the storyline would have him show some maturity.” Ouch.

Sorry, This Is Us fans but series creator, Dan Fogelman, might’ve thrown Kevin and Cassidy together for a reason. Like all the other clues, we think this is another red herring that will, eventually, lead Kevin to the true mother of his child.