‘This Is Us’: Why Some Fans Hate the Idea of Kevin and Sophie Reuniting

This is Us has a knack for pulling the heartstrings of viewers. Since, everyone has a soft spot in their heart for their first love, This is Us has done it again with the storyline of Kevin and Sophie.

According to fans, their childhood love story might not be over, but not every fan is rooting for their success.

Justin Hartley as Kevin on This Is Us
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Kevin and Sophie have a long history

The little lovebirds met when they were just ten years old since Kevin’s twin sister Kate and Sophie were best friends. In Season 1, the three siblings have their tenth birthday party, and Sophie is in attendance.

Kevin has a really serious crush on Sophie and eventually he wins her over. Moving forward it seems like Kevin and Sophie remained close throughout their childhood.

It’s hard not to root for high school sweethearts

From what we can gather, Kevin and Sophie dated throughout high school. This is evident in Season 2 when Kevin is with Sophie during the Crock-pot reveal episode. Additionally, we know in Season 1 that they have been divorced for 12 years. Which tells us two things, one that they had been married, and two their marriage ended poorly probably because of Kevin’s unresolved issues surrounding the death of his dad. 

However, they do give their relationship a second chance, which Kevin eventually ends because he needs to focus on his own mental and physical health. Unfortunately for Kevin, the next time we see Sophie in Season 3, she is engaged to someone else.

Kevin’s fiance remains a mystery

While season 3 had Kevin figuring out his romance with Zoe, This is Us creator Dan Fogelman spoke openly about the likelihood of Sophie appearing again.

“I would not count Sophie out at all,” Fogleman assured fans. So, we wait to see. So far, in Season 4, Sophie has not made her appearance. Although, in the mid-season cliffhanger, we’re left with the knowledge that sometime in the near future, Kevin has a fiance. A pregnant fiance.

When Season 4 returns, sometime in the winter of 2020, we’re hoping that fans will get some answers.

Theories about who Kevin’s fiance might be have dominated social media

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Most people are sure it won’t be Zoe who Kevin ends up with in the end. She was firm in her desire to remain kid and family free, so to change her mind for the sake of a relationship with Kevin would be a stretch. Fans liked seeing that aspect of a woman’s character portrayed on a show which is mostly consumed with mother figures. Since she doesn’t want children, it can be safely assumed she is not the mother of Kevin’s baby.

Likewise, fans are pretty confident it won’t be Jennifer Morrison’s character, Cassidy, either. In fact, Reddit users regularly commented that Cassidy would be better off with her husband and son, calling her a red herring. Morrison spoke to People about the speculations regarding her steamy sex scene with Kevin.

“I think people are going to make a lot of different assumptions about the future based on this episode. I can’t say if these assumptions are right or wrong but I think there are going to be a lot of assumptions flying around,” Morrison commented.

She is well aware that they are playing into the mystery surrounding just who is the mother of Kevin’s future son.

Some fans are hoping Kevin and Sophie don’t get their happily ever after

Fans have been arguing who Kevin winds up with all over social media. With camps equally torn between wanting him to be with Cassidy, and hopeless romantics still pulling for his high school sweetheart to win out. However, there are some fans of the show who are expecting writers to be more creative.

Many believe if Kevin winds up with Sophie it will mirror every romantic movie ever made, making their happy ending both boring and cliche.

“I really, really hope it’s not Sophie.” Reddit user, NoApollonia points out. “It’s essentially the ending of any romantic movie ever and probably at least every other TV show. I am hoping the writers go for something much more original.”

If there’s a surprise twist, fans will have to wait and see. The date which the remainder of Season 4 will air has not yet been released.