‘This Is Us’: Why Will Randall and Beth Start Season 4 Stronger Than Ever?

One of the most popular TV shows of the past several years is the NBC drama This Is Us.

Following the stories and struggles of a large family, the show features an all-star cast and storylines that are guaranteed to draw tears from even the most jaded viewers. Two of the most popular characters are Randall Pearson and his wife Beth Pearson, played by Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson.

Fans love the complex way that these characters come to life on screen, and even though the third season just officially wrapped, they are already looking forward to what the next season will hold for these two favorites.

What is ‘This Is Us’ about?

Premiering in September 2016, This Is Us offered a unique take on the genre of family drama. The show follows the lives of three siblings, Kevin, Kate, and Randall. Their present-day stories are mixed with flashbacks that show scenes and moments from the past, as they were growing up with their parents, Jack and Rebecca Pearson.

The flashbacks are an important part of the present-day stories and mainly focus on the sibling’s parents and the struggles that they went through to raise their family.

Randall Pearson, played by Brown, has been a fan favorite ever since the show’s debut. Randall, an African-American, was adopted into the white Pearson family when one of Jack and Rebecca’s triplets was stillborn. The surviving triplets, Kevin and Kate, were thriving, but the couple didn’t feel complete without their third baby – then they met Randall, a baby abandoned at the hospital on the same day that the triplets were born. Jack and Rebecca adopted Randall.

Throughout the show’s timeline, Randall not only has to deal with the issue of his adoption but the same familial trials and tribulations as his two siblings. Sterling K. Brown has been recognized by both critics and fans for his excellent work on the show, and the seamless way that he brings the character of Randall to life.

Randall and Beth Pearson’s story

The modern-day timeline of This Is Us showcases how the grown Pearson siblings have formed their own families. Randall Pearson and his wife, Beth Pearson, have gone through their share of troubles in the third season. The show details how the couple has to balance raising their two children and still maintaining their own separate identities, including successful careers.

In fact, at several points during the recent third season, fans were worried that the tension between Randall and Beth could lead to deep problems within the marriage, even a possible divorce.

However, the season finale was able to reassure longtime fans of the couple, whom viewers have dubbed “R&B,” and cemented their status as a team that weathers all storms together.

Will they be even closer in the next season?

After the revelations in the third season finale, fans are already taking guesses as to what awaits Randall and Beth in the fourth season. Although the fourth season likely won’t premiere until sometime in September 2019, there are already a number of theories on the table.

Showrunners gave some possible spoilers in a recent interview, claiming that because of all the rough patches that the couple endured in the third season, they will be going into a stronger, healthier place in the fourth season. This is great news for fans of the show, many of whom were seriously starting to worry about the future of one of their favorite TV couples. 

Stay tuned for even more This Is Us news in the weeks and months to come, including all the buzz on what fans can expect in the upcoming fourth season!