‘This Is Us’: Will Deja Move Back in with Her Biological Mother, Shauna?

The fall finale of This Is Us created so many more questions in viewers’ minds than they had already. Most fans are preoccupied with what is going on with Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore), which causes such a drastic health deterioration. Others want to know why Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) aren’t speaking in the future. 

A few fans, however, are also worried about Randall and Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) adopted daughter, Deja (Lyric Ross). She spent Thanksgiving with her biological mother, Shauna (Joy Brunson), and now fans are afraid she might want to move back in with her mom. 

Lyric Ross as Deja
Lyric Ross as Deja | Mitchell Haddad/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What happened on Thanksgiving with Deja and Shauna?

Many fans were worried that Shauna would not show up to Thanksgiving dinner at all, but she surprised everyone by showing up early. She and Deja bonded over old memories on Shauna’s phone. 

They were laughing and happy. Everything seemed to be going very well until Shauna brought up how much she loves the Eagles. Deja was confused because she didn’t remember her mom ever liking football. 

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Shauna proceeded to tell Deja about how she goes over to a co-worker’s house every Sunday to watch football. This moment pushed Deja over the edge, and she ran up to her room. 

“She loves her new job,” Deja cried to Beth. “She has an apartment with a fireplace. Why couldn’t she be like this for me?”

Deja hates that Shauna is doing so well without her. It cuts at her heart deeply that Shauna couldn’t be a good parent for her, but now is doing well for herself. 

Here’s why we think Deja could not move back in with Shauna

Since Shauna is doing so well, fans immediately began wondering if she will try to get Deja back. However, others found solid reasons why they don’t think that could happen. Let’s take a look.

“She signed over her rights in court,” wrote one fan on Reddit, “and Randall and Beth legally adopted—so she has zero parental rights to Deja. She may push to be around more, but she wouldn’t be able to get custody back.”

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“It really was healthier for Shauna to give up her rights to Deja,” added another fan. “They do both look better.”

While it is incredible that Shauna finally has a stable job and an apartment, fans believe she would not be able to get Deja back, at least not legally.

It’s possible that Randall and Beth let Deja go back to Shauna anyway

We know that Randall and Beth want what is best for all of their daughters. If they find that Deja would be happier with their mom, they might let her go back to her, ignoring the legalities.

“She got her life together,” wrote one fan about Shauna. “Maybe she’ll try and get Deja back and shatter Beth and Randall’s heart.”

“Or more painfully,” added another Redditor, “Deja could wish Beth and Randall would LET her go back, choosing Shauna over them, regardless of what the legal status is.”

While Deja and Shauna both seem to be doing exceptionally well without each other, that doesn’t mean that neither party will desire to be back together.

Deja had a great time with her mom on Thanksgiving and is very hurt that Shauna is happy without her. Maybe they will desire to be in each other’s lives more. We will have to wait to find out until This Is Us returns to NBC on Jan. 14, 2020.