‘This Is Us’: Will We See Jack Damon’s Baby By the Time the Show Ends?

The This Is Us Season 4 fall finale still has fans buzzing. Easter eggs abound in this last fall episode, leaving viewers to wonder and speculate about what is going on in the Pearson family.

The hardest-hit family members are Kate and her husband, Toby Damon.

Problems developing on ‘This Is Us’

Blake Stadnik as Jack Damon
Blake Stadnik as Jay | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

In the third season finale, Kate is missing from the picture, and Toby, portrayed as an older version of himself, is not wearing a wedding ring.

When Season 4 is about to end, it seems that Kate and her neighbor Gregory (Timothy Omundson) were becoming close friends.

Then Kate lies about baby Jack’s first experience with solid food, which took place at Gregory’s house, which hurt Toby. Kate is upset with Toby because of his CrossFit accomplishments. She is also angry that Toby has left her behind as he has been losing weight and getting fit.

Kate grab’s Toby’s phone to take a picture of baby Jack and sees a text message from a CrossFit female pal. It said:

“Don’t let her bring you down. Here for you.”

By the way, the lady friend’s handle is LadyKryptonite5. Hmmm.

We’re guessing that Thanksgiving is not going to be the best holiday ever for the Pearsons. But, after you have dried your tears, you will always have the Winter Premiere.


This television family-drama is not shy about its flash-backing and flash forwarding. This literary device comes in very handy for a show that has so many generations of a family.

But one flash-forward that tells an entire story unto itself is the Winter Premiere. In this one, we meet Jack Damon’s fiancée, whose name is Lucy. And guess what? Lucy is pregnant. 

The Winter Premiere of Season 4 cannot come soon enough, but the exact date is still unknown. The best guess is early-to-mid January 2020.

Winter premiere of ‘This Is Us’

In this spectacular flash-forward, we see Jack on a concert hall stage. He is being played by actor Blake Stadnik in his first TV role, though he has done musical theater. Yes, Stadnik is blind IRL.

Baby Jack, the tiny actor, is not blind, but other actors who play Jack as a child will be sightless.

We can approximate that Jack and Lucy are in their early 20s when they meet. So we are going to go out on a limb and say that we will see Jack Damon’s child during the next season. Of course, we must all remember that This Is Us is a fictional story.

So, perhaps the stars will not align perfectly for these make-believe people.

Magnetic upcoming themes

Clear-sighted fans will catch on pretty quickly when the Winter Premiere comes to pass.

  • The blind musician with his blonde, messy hair resembles Kevin.
  • This man whom no one yet knows is a dog-lover, just like Kate.
  • The young man fears he will be stuck singing in local cafes for the rest of his life.
  • The boy is a bit dorky, kind of like Jack Pearson.
  • Whoever he is, he is essential to the storyline right away.
  • And this sweet, humble, blind guy, by the end of the episode, shocks everyone to the bone.

Wait, what about Jack’s baby?

So the end of the winter “Episode 4” is fabulous, but what about Jack’s son or daughter? Is Lucy having, mothering, or raising the infant? Is the infant Jack’s? Don’t tell us to stay tuned. You all know we are clamoring for more information.