‘This Is Us’ Writers May Have Confirmed A New Fan Theory About Mr. Lawrence

Buckle up, This Is Us fans because the theories are getting wild. With all the new characters in season 4, it’s hard not to spiral down a rabbit hole to piece their stories together. On Tuesday, Nov. 5th, the episode titled “The Dinner and the Date” unpacked delicate race and class issues through two separate timelines.

New addition, Mr. Lawrence (Brandon Scott), proved to be a supportive teacher to young Randall (Lonnie Chavis), but is that all he is? Read on to find out how This Is Us writers hinted that there may be a less obvious connection to another character.

Mr. Lawrence reveals Jack’s insecurities as a father to Randall

'This Is Us' stars
Parker Bates, Sterling K. Brown, Lonnie Chavis and Mackenzie Hancsicsak from ‘This Is Us’ | Todd Williamson/Getty Images

“The Dinner and the Date” revealed the depth of identity issues young Randall struggles with, and how those insecurities affect his father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

Mr. Lawrence is Randall’s first Black teacher, at a time Randall has already questioned his place within the Pearson brood. Though Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) have done all they know how to ease Randall’s displacement, Mr. Lawrence’s presence brought unresolved issues to the surface.

One of those issues that became glaringly obvious while Mr. Lawrence and his wife attended dinner with the Pearsons, is Jack’s insecurity of not being enough for his son.

This Is Us writers have addressed race and class from its pilot episode, though the longer the show goes on, the more in-depth those discussions become.

As Randall’s first Black teacher, Mr. Lawrence’s importance certainly can’t last for only an episode or two. He’s significant in many ways to Randall’s coming-of-age, and Jack’s understanding of his own white privilege.

However, a new theory about Mr. Lawrence’s overall arc caught This Is Us writers’ attention. Could he play a more important role than we previously thought?

This new fan theory suggests Mr. Lawrence has ties to another cast member

Every week as a new episode of This Is Us airs, and new clues are revealed, new fan theories circulate. Some of the more recent discussions have revolved around the Kevin and Cassidy relationship (Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison), Malik and Deja (Asante Blakk and Lyric Ross), and what may become of Toby and Kate’s marriage (Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz).

After the Nov. 5 episode, a theory about Malik’s father, Darnell, started making the rounds. Among one of the less talked about, yet brand new theories hint at a mysterious connection between Mr. Lawrence and another new cast member in season 4.

One fan took to Twitter to say, “#ThisIsUs@NBCThisisUs Theory: what if Malik ends up having a connection to Randall’s teacher, Mr. Lawrence – like grandson?! Random, but thought it’d be fun to throw that out there… @Dan_Fogelman

Another posted similar thoughts saying, “Y’all I got a theory kind of far fetched: Malik and Mr. Lawrence are related somehow #ThisIsUs.”

While both have the same exact idea, which one fares closer to the truth? Clearly Mr. Lawrence’s presence on the show is much more than his role as Randall’s teacher.

Will he and Randall connect in Randall’s adult years, and if so, will he discover Mr. Lawrence is related or connected to someone Randall already knows (like Malik)?

Here’s what ‘This Is Us’ writers have to say about the connection

This Is Us writers weighed into both of those fan theory Tweets, making an already confusing scenario a little more confusing.

In response to the second Tweet, they replied, “Not at all,” insinuating the theory isn’t that far-fetched. However, when replying to the first Tweet a day later, they said, “Not the case, but a fun theory for sure.”

One confirmation and another misdirect. While that doesn’t clear anything up, This Is Us writers know what they’re doing. For three full seasons and counting, it’s been their job to misdirect viewers to make the big reveal a little bigger.

Whatever response you side with, take comfort in knowing it’s probably wrong, too. Rarely have fan theories come to fruition with this show. The writers are just that good.