This Is What Farrah Abraham Really Thinks of the Kardashian Family

If you’ve been following Farrah Abraham for a while now, you know all about her history with the Kardashian family.

The former Teen Mom star has been known for saying some pretty controversial comments about the famous family in the past and fans can attest to that.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Phillip Faraone/WireImage

Although Abraham has had a lot to say about the Kardashians over the years, the reality star is now sharing whether or not her feelings for this family remain the same.

Abraham’s feud with the Kardashians is old news

Farrah Abraham has found herself in some pretty intense feuds over the years, but her most notable one has been with the Kardashian family.

The reality star has had some very interesting things to say about this famous clan. Especially Kim Kardashian, who Abraham called out back in 2016 for being nothing but an “Instagram model!”

Although they’ve had a rocking past, Abraham is now trying to leave all of the negativity behind her and is doing so by speaking highly of the famous family.

While sitting down with Jonathan Cheban on his FoodGod podcast, the reality star shared what she really thinks of the Kardashians.

“I feel like that’s what people don’t understand, it was so long ago,” she explained to Cheban after he brought up the topic. “And then when [fans] meet you, they actually just don’t understand. So I don’t really want to bring that up because I do feel like everyone’s changed.”

Abraham is all about supporting women

After attending anger management classes and working toward become a better person, Abraham feels like she no longer needs to dwell on the past.

Now, she is looking to turn over a new leaf with the Kardashians, starting with the KKW mogul.

“I do hear often that Kim and I look alike… and I think that’s flattering and I think that’s great,” she said.

The former Teen Mom star then went on to say nothing but positive things about reality’s first family.

“I love that all of the Kardashians, that they’re working hard and that’s admirable,” she shared. “I wish Kendall all of the best with her modeling.”

Abraham also shared how hurt she was over the Kardashians being laughed at during the 2019 Emmy Awards and wishes people gave them more credit.

“I was actually hurt that people were booing or laughing at them presenting an award at the Emmys,” she said. “Like, we’re talking about reality TV and they are presenting an award for that, and that’s what they are doing… I think a lot of people need to support them.”

With the famous family being such a big part of the entertainment industry, Abraham feels as though people should be uplifting them instead of consistently bringing them down.

“It was kind of hurtful when we should be lifting women up [and] embracing women, she said. “A lot of the women who were up there receiving their awards were saying when women step out of line, support them, help them grow, flourish.”

It definitely seems as though Abraham has buried the hatched with the Kardashians and every bad comment that has been said is now a thing in the past.