This Is What Kanye West Does Every Night Before Going to Bed

Kanye West might be a very controversial public figure, but there’s no doubt that he loves his family. In a recent interview with James Corden, West opened up about his family life, offering fans an intimate look at the way that he, his wife Kim Kardashian, and their children spend their evenings at home.

As it turns out, the West’s home life looks surprisingly normal, in spite of their superstar status. Keep reading to learn how many kids Kanye West has, what his marriage to Kim Kardashian is like, and how the West family spends their evenings.

Is Kanye West happily married?

Kanye West attends the Versace fall 2019 fashion show.
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West and Kardashian have become one of the most popular Hollywood couples of all time. They started dating in 2012, after years of friendship and welcomed their first child, daughter North West, in 2013. West proposed to Kardashian in late 2013, and she happily accepted.

Their 2014 wedding in Florence, Italy, was not televised, as the couple wanted to keep the actual ceremony private. In the years since, West and Kardashian have grown even closer together. Although West occasionally exhibits controversial behavior, and suffers from negative press, Kardashian always stands by him.

These days, they have four children and live under-the-radar, near the rest of Kardashian’s large, close-knit family. While sources have claimed that the couple has indeed gone through difficult times, they have reportedly worked through many of their issues and are in a “great place.”

How many kids does Kanye West have?

Kardashian comes from a large family, so it’s not surprising that she and West wanted to have a large brood of children. They had their oldest daughter, North West, in June 2013, followed by their son Saint in December 2015. Following her two pregnancies, doctors advised Kardashian that it would be unsafe for her to attempt to carry any future children herself, due to her placenta accreta.

Placenta accreta is a relatively rare condition and occurs when the placenta attaches itself too deeply to the uterine wall. Still, West and Kardashian wanted more children, so they started exploring other options.

Their third child, daughter Chicago, and their fourth child, a son named Psalm, were born via surrogate. West and Kardashian have been open about their journey with surrogacy and, while they have fiercely protected the privacy of their surrogates, they have spoken out about how grateful they are for the chance to expand their family.

As to whether or not they will have more children, Kardashian has stated that she doesn’t think she can handle any more than four, so it seems unlikely for now. However, West had something else to say in his recent interview with James Corden.

What does Kanye West do in the evenings?

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In his intimate chat with Corden, West revealed that he actually wants seven children with Kardashian. He also talked about what he does in the evenings, and it sounds surprisingly normal.

West stated that he doesn’t like going out in the evenings and prefers to be at home with his family as much as possible at night. The West family’s evening routine mirrors that of many other families all over the world: they have dinner together and then they will play with the kids.

After that, West said that they will put the kids to bed and retire themselves. Kardashian likes to unwind while watching Dateline, while West reads the Bible before falling asleep. It seems that West understands that bonding time is the key to family happiness!