This Is What Oprah Winfrey Would Eat As Her Last Meal

Everyone knows that Oprah Winfrey loves comfort food. From her Weight Watchers commercials featuring the media mogul proclaiming, “I love bread!” to her specialty line of ready-to-make entrees and sides, Winfrey knows that good food can affect a person’s whole outlook on the day.

Recently, Winfrey sat down with People magazine and offered up her insights on healthy eating and her all-time favorite type of food.

Oprah Winfrey has been affiliated with Weight Watchers for years

Oprah Winfrey
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For years, Winfrey has been in a tight partnership with the diet brand Weight Watchers. Winfrey has gone through a very public battle with weight loss and frequently spoke out about how difficult it was to stay at a healthy weight even before she joined forces with the company.

Many industry insiders claim that it is Winfrey’s transparency and honesty about her weight struggles that have made her such an excellent spokeswoman for the company. 

Since her initial partnership with Weight Watchers, Winfrey has become a part of the company – in fact, she owns a share in Weight Watchers and is on their board of directors. It is easy to see that Winfrey is passionate about eating healthy, but more than that, she understands the importance of eating well.

Her magazine, O, regularly spotlights ways to make readers’ favorite foods just a bit lighter, so that her fans can still enjoy all of their comfort foods while working towards their fitness goals.

Of course, Winfrey still understands the value of indulgence. Her annual “favorite things” list always includes an incredible range of sweet treats such as cheesecake dippers, hot chocolate mixes, and decadent cakes.

Winfrey is launching healthy frozen meals

In late 2017, Oprah Winfrey partnered with Kraft Foods to launch, “O, That’s Good,” a collection of packaged foods like mashed potatoes with butternut squash, baked potato soup, and mac and cheese.

According to the brand’s website, the mission of “O, That’s Good” is to offer everyone’s favorite comfort foods with a more nutritious twist — foods that remind the consumer of home and hearth.

“O, That’s Good” has been a definite hit, and the line has since expanded to include frozen pizzas and even more entree options. Winfrey isn’t stopping there — she recently announced that the brand would be launching frozen skillet meals, which can be purchased wherever groceries are sold.

Some of the skillet meal options will include garlic chicken and potatoes, sausage and rigatoni, and chicken alfredo made with cauliflower. The meals are perfectly compatible with Weight Watchers and can be made in around ten minutes. Winfrey even makes the meals for herself and longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham, as she revealed in a recent social media post.

What is Winfrey’s favorite food?

When discussing her new line of skillet meals with People, Winfrey also chatted about her foodie credentials. She claims that she loves to “mix all of her food together,” and that she introduced the skillet meals because it’s the way she likes to eat and wants her line to have something for everybody.

When pressed to reveal her all-time favorite foods, Winfrey’s answer was instantaneous — pasta. “If I were going to choose my last week,” Winfrey stated, “they would all be pastas.” 

With six total frozen skillets hitting shelves, Winfrey’s fans can choose to enjoy their favorite foods all throughout the week without any lingering guilt. Most of them have pasta included, so consumers can enjoy some of Winfrey’s choicest creations at any time, no matter how busy their schedule might be.

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