This Is What Tom Holland Thinks About Spider-Man Being Gay

The idea of a Marvel superhero being gay or lesbian continues to be debated and tossed around creatively by Marvel executives. Whether it’ll happen any time soon in reality is another thing, despite all the talk and positive push for it from the stars involved. The more who promote the idea, perhaps the faster it’ll happen.

Then again, maybe there’s fear of too much division on the issue, which might mean constant delay while still promoting the idea.

We’ve already seen Marvel star Brie Larson promote the idea of making Captain Marvel a lesbian. Now Tom Holland is making his comments known about the idea of a future gay Spider-Man.

Would such a thing ever happen with Spidey, or will the MCU decide to choose a different Marvel character?

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

More diversity will be happening with the MCU soon, but no one knows when

Tom Holland recently made it known he’d gladly support a gay Spider-Man in the future if Marvel went there. It probably won’t happen while Holland is playing the character, though, because it’s already been made clear Peter Parker is straight in the recent films.

Then again, there’s always the chance he’s bisexual, which would arguably be a left-field choice and bring criticism for forcing the idea. What makes this challenging is bringing a gay Marvel character into the franchise organically so it doesn’t look like it’s being done just to stay politically correct.

After Avengers: Endgame placed a minor gay character in the cast (played by Joe Russo in a cameo), many thought it didn’t represent well enough. Regardless, the Russos keep saying it’s just the beginning of the diversity they promise in coming years.

Whether that eventually means a gay Spider-Man is still debatable.

We’ve already seen Spider-Man diversify, so maybe it wouldn’t be challenging

Thanks to recent Into the Spiderverse, we’ve finally seen the first African-American Peter Parker/Spider-Man, something that could have happened 30 years ago had Michael Jackson bought Marvel.

Even back then, Jackson’s fans were so numerous, it would have been a perfect transition. Everyone found it a natural and long-overdue process for Spiderverse, plus providing a chance to open alternative storylines.

Since Marvel has already opened doors to parallel universe editions of the movies, we have to wonder whether they’ll find a way to bring a gay Spider-Man through this mechanism. Doing so would also be the ultimate way to settle any controversy. You can’t argue a multiverse away while giving the excuse it’s not necessarily canon.

As Holland said himself, we can’t make a white, straight person the only demographic represented in a Marvel universe already diversified in other ways.

Would a gay Spider-Man really make sense, or go with a different character?

The most likely scenario is a different Marvel character will be designated as gay at some point in the future. It may be one of the younger characters to make it more relevant for the Millennial crowd.

Characters like Spider-Man have such a long tradition that having him become gay could disrupt fans who’ve been used to seeing him be the same for decades. While this might make some people bristle at such a decision, there isn’t a doubt Marvel takes all their fans seriously, including the older ones.

A better scenario is featuring a superhero not represented on the big screen before and have them become a new emblem of LGBTQ pride. If some will complain about such an obvious turn, it gives the opportunity to make the entry natural without decades of backstory.

Then again, the multiverse may open the doors to this in the Spider-Man world eventually. Maybe decades will pass before it happens, yet you can count on the MCU bringing major movie events for time immemorial.