This Is Why Ariel Winter Is Taking a Break from College

Ariel Winter has spent years playing studious Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. So when it was time for Winter to graduate high school and make a decision about college, she made headlines. Many child actors, like Emma Watson, have gone to college and talk about their experience trying to balance their acting career with school.

Winter has opened up about her decision behind her chosen major, going to college, and the challenges of attending a university while being famous. Here are some things to know about her college experience, including why she is temporarily putting her education on hold (page 5).

1. Winter said she still wanted to be an actress while attending UCLA

Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy in 'Modern Family'.
Ariel Winter has been on Modern Family for years. | ABC

The actress was accepted at Yale and Princeton, but her college choice was UCLA. She later announced she was deferring for a year before attending UCLA in order to accommodate her production schedule. She is majoring in political science because she wants to start a charity for abused children and adults, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Recently, Winter talked about enjoying school. “I definitely want to continue being an actress. I love it,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “The reason I’m going to college is because I do want knowledge in another field. I’m going to college because I genuinely want to learn.”

Of course, there is more to college than just classes. But the actress went on to say why her experience won’t be about anything else.

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2. She said her college experience was just about her studies

Ariel Winter is smiling and sitting down as she holding a microphone.
Ariel Winter was excited to further her education. | S. Savenok/Getty Images

Some actors do want to go to college for the social experience, but Winter said the school wasn’t going to be about that for her.

College isn’t the college experience for me,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m not going to be in a sorority, I’m not going to network, I’m not even really going to make my lifelong friends. I’ve had the career experience. I’ve had the experience of taking care of myself. I’m going to college because I genuinely want to learn.”

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3. She also said her education was a backup plan

Ariel Winter poses at the 2017 Emmys in a high slit dress.
Ariel Winter wanted a backup plan in case she decides to leave Hollywood. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Acting can be hard and you never know what’s going to happen. Winter said this is also why she wants to pursue an education.

I could be working now and then never work again the next 10 years, so I thought it’s important to have knowledge in another subject that you like, that you could have as a plan in the future,” she told ET.

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4. Winter previously tweeted that her first day at UCLA was ruined

Ariel Winter tweet.
The paparazzi reportedly followed her on campus. | Ariel Winter via Twitter

It’s no surprise that attending school while being famous would have its unique struggles. Winter voiced one of those struggles in September 2017, tweeting, “Well the paparazzi just successfully ruined my first day of school. Thanks.”

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5. Winter said she wants to focus on her career

Ariel Winter during a scene in 'Modern Family'.
Modern Family is keeping her busy. | ABC

This probably isn’t that surprising, but the young actress wants to put her career first at this time and has decided to put her studies on hold for now.

“I do love UCLA, but at the moment I’m taking a break from it so I can continue to pursue my career and also try to have a little bit more of a life because I’ve been so busy,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

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6. She does plan on continuing her education eventually

Ariel Winter posing on a red carpet.
Her hiatus from college isn’t permanent. | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

This doesn’t mean Winter is giving up on her education. “I think education’s really important. I love being there,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I love learning. I will continue to keep learning.”

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7. Winter is still doing television work

Ariel Winter wearing red lipstick and a gold dress on a red carpet.
She’s got some great projects going on. | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

The actress is still hard at work playing Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. She also voices Sofia on Sofia the First.

But she might soon have to move on from the role that has made her famous because the creators of Modern Family said they plan to end it after Season 10.

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