This Is Why Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Is Feuding With Twitter Users

Kate Chastain and Captain Lee | Kate Chastain Instagram

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck doesn’t mince words when it comes to his support for chief stewardess Kate Chastain. In recent months, fans are throwing shade chief stew’s way on social media and the captain isn’t playing.

Rosbach is quite clear about his respect for Chastain. Plus he has grown to depend on her quite a bit to ensure each charter runs smoothly. However, the “Twitterverse” is not always in agreement with Rosbach’s loyalty to Chastain. And some users seem quite free to express their distaste for the chief stew.

What has become quite clear is: don’t mess with Rosbach’s favorite employee. Especially if you think it’s o.k. to post nasty comments about Chastain on Twitter.

Chastain wasn’t always Rosbach’s favorite

The chief stew grew on Rosbach over time. In fact, the pair didn’t have much of a connection during the first season. And Chastain sort of freaked Rosbach out with her blanket art on a guest’s bed of a (penis) rocketship. “The first season that I worked for Captain Lee, we really didn’t interact that much besides preference sheet meetings,” Chastain recalls, according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “And then I think the blanket thing really threw him for a loop and freaked him out, so I can’t really blame him there. But I think after my first season, he trusted me, and we were able to kind of arrive at a friendship.”

This is one reason why Rosbach is on Team Kate

Rosbach likes straight shooters, which is one reason why he enjoys working with Chastain.  “Kate and I get along really well,” Rosbach told Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “We both know we can speak frankly with one another without fear of hurting each other’s feelings or that sort of thing. We can say what’s on our mind because we respect each other in that way,” he said. “So it just makes things a whole lot easier.” In fact, the co-workers, turned friends even keep in touch while not on charter and chat by phone at least once a week.

Rosbach is slamming social media haters

Twitter hate seems to be mounting against Chastain and Rosbach isn’t having it. He responded swiftly to one Twitter user, who has since removed her tweet. “That is a bit redundant, you have stated your opinion on that numerous times so we get it, you don’t like @Kate_Chastain. You don’t have to, makes no difference, you are entitled to your opinion, I just don’t share it. You have made your point.”

Another Twitter user went after Chastain’s looks. “You must be old and she kinda is too old. I feel like a chief stew should be young and easy on the eyes.” To which Rosbach replied, “I take exception to that @iwnnagotoitaly, it’s the quality and if you can get class, culture, and breeding in the same package as I have in @Kate_Chastain you take in and be thankful for it. I know a lot of Capt’s that would love to have her.” Boom.

Chastain also has Rosbach’s back too. “My grandfather was an Air Force Colonel and Doctor,” she tweeted. “He taught my family the notion of “Rank Has It’s Privileges”. That’s why Captain Lee gets to work on his tan while we flip the boat and that’s why I don’t want to hear shit about the crew mess.”

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