This Is Why Fans Are Convinced Kylie Jenner Could Be Pregnant With Baby No.2

Kylie Jenner has talked about wanting more children in the future but she could be welcoming her second child a lot sooner than we thought.

The makeup mogul recently shared a photo of her and her daughter, Stormi, to Instagram.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner and her daughter, Stormi | via Instagram

Though the photo seemed like no big deal, fans have been speculating that Jenner could in fact be pregnant with baby no.2.

Fans have the same theory that could be true

On March 18, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of her and Stormi getting some sun on what looked to be a beautiful day.

Stormi is seen holding onto her mom for dear life as Kylie Jenner is just enjoying a relaxing day with her mini-me.

The reality star captioned the photo, “my baby is stuck to me like glue lately.”

She also shared a video of her and Stormi having a little heart to heart as she tells her daughter, “Girl! You’ve gotta do things without me,” to which Stormi replied, “Yeah!”

Though many couldn’t get over just how cut this mother-daughter duo is, a few fans began pointing out the main reason Stormi is being so clingy with Kylie.

According to an old wives tale, young children tend to cling more to their mothers when she is pregnant with another child.

Some people believe that young children can somehow sense pregnancy, even before their mothers can tell.

Even though there is no scientific proof that this is in fact true, but some fans have been sharing their own experiences when it comes to their babies clinging to them a lot more when they were with child.

This theory has been spot on before

In the comments section under Kylie Jenner’s video and photo, fans were quick to point out the makeup mogul’s possible pregnancy.

One follower wrote, “First thing I thought. That’s how I found out I was pregnant again. My baby wouldn’t leave my side lol.”

“My daughter did that when I was pregnant with #2,” a fan commented.

Another fan wrote, “She knows her brother or sister is inside baking”, while someone else commented, “They say girls cling when you are pregnant with a boy.”

Kylie recently talked about having another baby

Now this pregnancy rumor could be a long stretch, but Kylie Jenner has talked about trying for baby no.2 pretty recently.

Many of us most likely remember when Jenner put social media into a frenzy when she shared a photo of her and Travis Scott cuddled up together with the caption “Baby #2?”

Even though we all got excited with the idea of Jenner possibly being pregnant again, she quickly shut down those pregnancy rumors after a fan full on asked if she was with child and the reality star replied, “no lol.”

Whether or not Kylie Jenner is currently pregnant with her second child, we all know she is fully capable of keeping the entire pregnancy a secret.

If she is, we can expect to see our speculations come true nine months from now.