This Is Why Fans Think Kim Kardashian Removed Her Ribs for Her Met Gala Dress

Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices are often the talk of the town and her recent Met Gala look is no exception. Designed by Thierry Mugler, with inspirations from Sophia Loren in Boy on a Dolphin, the iconic dress that Kim wore is meant to emulate a “California girl stepping out of the ocean, wet, dripping.”

However, not everyone is a fan of what Kim brought to the Met Gala. Fans were quick to take to social media to speculate on her famous curves, with some theorizing that she might have gone through extreme measures to get her body to fit into the dress.

Kim Kardashian’s 2019 Met Gala look received a lot of negative comments

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

While some people were disappointed that Kim did not seem to follow the gala’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion” theme, others did not hide the fact that they simply had a lot of problems with Kim’s body itself. The shape of her frame is significantly different than the past and what it has looked like recently.

One person on Twitter said: “#KimKardashian is beautiful. I just wish she was shaped like a human.”

Another user said: “I wish @KimKardashian would use her platform to speak on things like body positivity but she keeps making her waist unrealistically narrow and her *ss unrealistically big. It’s disgusting and gross and why would you even? The sh*t people with money do.”

Fans are convinced Kim Kardashian’s small waist is due to plastic surgery

Many people following the Met Gala also could not take their eyes off of Kim’s small waist. According to the reality starlet herself, she used a corset to make her waist more narrow and to be able to fit into Thierry Mugler’s dress: “I honestly had to do practice. It’s a proper corset by Mr Pearl. I never had one like this, it is insane.”

In fact, the corset was so tight that Kim even had trouble sitting down properly. Can Kim’s body shape be exclusively credited to a corset?

Fans do not buy the claim that a corset, or even just good eating, were all it took to make her waist look small. They believe that Kim must have resorted to something else more extreme, like plastic surgery. The running theory: rib removal surgery.

“It’s insulting to our intelligence to pretend this is from a plant based diet and not from getting actual ribs removed,” one person commented.

“No amount of exercise or dieting can change your body shape this much. It has to be surgery,” a second user added.

“Omg literally crushing your ribs and suffocating to death – goals asf,” another said.

Rib removal surgery involves removing one or two ribs in order to make a person’s waistline slimmer. It’s not as common as other operations like a tummy tuck or a nose job, but given the Kardashians’ fondness for going under the knife to alter their appearance, some fans think a rib removal surgery is not completely beyond Kim.

Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer came to her defense

Kim’s personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, who can sometimes be seen with the reality TV personality on Instagram, has gone on social media to shut down all the doubters and haters. According to Alcantara, Kim works hard for her body and that fact should not be swept under the rug.

Alcantara wrote: “To make things clear: 1. This dress is corseted BUT 2. Kim trains her *ss off 6 days a f*ck*ng week, she wakes up early AF and is dedicated. 3. I paved the road for her but SHE did the work! MOST IMPORTANTLY I don’t give a sh*t about your opinions on her body, if you think [it’s] fake or not! I see her every morning, I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside the gym and THAT is commendable!”

What’s more, a Vogue video shed more insight into the corset. “Okay so Anna, if I don’t sit down for dinner, now you know why,” Kim says in the clip. “I’ll be walking around mingling, talking, but I cannot hardly sit. I can only half-sit.”