This Is Why Kate Middleton Was Better Prepared for the Royal Life Than Princess Diana

Kate Middleton is no stranger to comparisons to the late Princess Diana. From her style to her mannerisms, it’s easy to draw comparisons. Now, as her husband is accused of the same discretions as his father, the comparisons are only getting stronger.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

But while there are similarities between the two, Kate holds a different role in the family. Her upbringing and her relationship with William have prepared her to be the future queen, in a way that the Princess of Wales was not. Here’s why Kate Middleton was better prepared for royal life than Princess Diana.

Kate and William had a long term relationship, built on love

One of the major differences between Kate Middleton and Princess Diana is their love story. Kate and William developed a strong and committed bond over several years of dating. The pair first met in 2001 but didn’t start dating until two years later. During the early stages of their relationship, Kate and William were just good friends. This, as the couple would later admit, helped build a good foundation and ultimately made them stronger.

The couple dated for seven years before William popped the question. During their relationship, the couple famously broke up for a brief period of time. This again helped the couple explore their relationship and create a stronger bond.

Conversely, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had only been on a few dates before the future king proposed. Supposedly, Prince Philip told his son that he had to choose to marry Diana or walk away. Charles chose the former. As we now know, Prince Charles was not committed to their relationship and had a recurring affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Knowing that she has a strong relationship with her husband and that he has her back has helped Kate. One of the main reasons the couple broke up in 2007 was because of the intense media pressure. Knowing that William was by her side and would stand up for her prepared her to confidently take on her position as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate was older when she got married

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Putting aside the love shared between the couples, Kate’s age when she entered the royal family better equipped her to handle the demands of being a royal. At the time that she married Prince Charles, Diana was only 20 years old, while Charles was 32. On the other hand, Kate Middleton was 29 years old on her wedding day, and William was actually only 28.

There is no doubt that Kate’s maturity allowed her to better comprehend what being a part of the royal family actually met. At just 20 years old, Princess Diana was barely out of school and was still trying to figure out who she was as a person.

It must have been extremely overwhelming to not only get married at such a young age but to the future King of England no less. Add on two children shortly after getting married, it’s no wonder Diana was a little rebellious when the couple first married.

Kate was overall, more prepared

There are many factors that made Kate more prepared to join the royal family. Kate’s maturity and relationship with her husband are large factors as to why she has integrated so seamlessly into the royal family. But you can’t negate the factors of time and experience.

Kate Middleton had almost a decade to be certain whether she wanted to marry Prince William. She was exposed to the intense media following. Kate even got to observe the royal family for years before even meeting William. She also went through media training and was told to watch tapes of Princess Diana to better prepare herself for the media coverage.

Kate’s time at school not only gave her an education, but experience as well. She was able to try things out, meet new people, and figure out what she wanted. Marrying at such a young age, after such a short period of time, this is something Princess Diana simply did not have.