This ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star’s April Fool’s Joke Caused Panic

While Real Housewives posted yesterday about big moves and being pregnant, other Bravo stars like Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing New York also got into the fun.

Ryan Serhant |Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

Fans and followers were pretty astute to the number of April Fool’s jokes flying around social media. However Serhant’s post not only may have been missed as being a joke, some people went into panic after reading it. Serhant posted again on Instagram the next day to set the record straight and share how wild things got after he made his prank announcement.

I’m retiring!

Serhant thought it might be funny to post that he was going to retire. He and his wife Emilia just welcomed baby Zena. So a post about quitting work when he is starting a family seemed like it would be pretty funny.

To friends’ and fans’ credit, the post was pretty serious and formal. Those who took it seriously weren’t completely off base. “I’ve thought about how to make this announcement for a long time now,” Serhant wrote on Instagram. “As you all know, my life has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and even more so in the last month. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my priorities and what truly makes me happy in life. I never thought this day would come, but today I am officially retiring from real estate.”

He added that the upcoming season will also be his last on the show. “I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I can’t believe I’m even writing this right now, but I think it’s time. Million Dollar Listing has been nominated for 2 Emmys, Bravo gave me my own spin-off, Sell it Like Serhant is a national best seller, I started a media company (@serhantmediagroup), my Vlog on YouTube is inspiring salespeople around the world, and my team and I sold $1.6B in the last 2 years.”

Serhant thanked his beautiful wife, daughter, team, Bravo, and everyone who has made this journey so incredible.

Many people caught the prank

Even though Serhant claims people went into panic mode, quite a few knew it was an April Fool’s joke. “Best April fools I seen so far,” YouTuber Daniel Got Hits wrote.

Also, Jordan Verroi from Summer House fell for it momentarily. “Making moves keep up the good work,” he wrote. But then he re-read the post and added, “DAMNIT SERHANT DIDNT READ THE ‘retiring from real estate’ line @joelaresca I know you’re behind this @ryanserhant SMDH.”

But apparently others did not

The following day Serthant shared what ended up happening after his April Fool’s joke. “WOW. Before doing my April Fool’s post yesterday, I thought MAYBE a few people would buy it, but most everyone would know it was a joke,” Serhant wrote. “BOY WAS I WRONG. Brokers called my clients. My team panicked. My MOM freaked out. And Luis Ortiz congratulated me! Let me clear this up: I AM NOT RETIRING FROM ANYTHING EVER.”

He adds “My Real Estate career and Million Dollar Listing New York are the two best things to ever happen to me, next to Emilia and Zena. Don’t forget: 10 years ago I was a 24 year old hand model and I still can’t believe any of this is real. WORK is in my blood. And I will outthink, outwork, and outmaneuver everyone until the day I die.”

Serhant closed by sharing some of his successes. Plus, “I won’t retire until I literally can’t get out of bed, and even then, I’ll still find a way to continue pushing.” Needless to say, Serhant wins best April Fool’s joke 2019.  

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