This “Mortifies” Jennifer Lawrence When She’s Filming a Movie

An Oscar-winning actress with two mega-successful franchises and several niche films under her belt, Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s most relevant and in-demand actresses of today. 

From X-Men and The Hunger Games to Mother, Joy, and Serena, Lawrence’s portfolio oozes with variation, yet she dons each and every role like a perfectly fitted suit – no matter what criticizing skeptics have to say about her casting in “older” roles. 

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence | Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Given Jennifer Lawrence’s vast experience behind the camera, you would assume that she has grown quite comfortable with all the behind-the-scenes filming quirks that come with a movie star occupation. However, it seems that this A-lister is still mortified by one common occurrence.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1, Jennifer Lawrence discussed several of her major successes, including Silver Linings Playbook, The Hunger Games, and American Hustle. When discussing her performances in these films, she revealed one occurrence that still “mortifies” her.

Jennifer Lawrence on the horror that is a lingering camera 

Jennifer Lawrence explained to BBC Radio 1 that she “hate[s] acting unnecessarily,” as it “really embarrasses” her. To further explain her comment, Lawrence described the rehearsal process: she must explain what she’s going to do – where she’s going to stand, how she’s going to move, etc – which can feel awkward; thus, she goes on to state: 

“When I finish the scene and, in my mind, I’m done acting, and there’s a linger, it mortifies me.”

BBC Radio 1 

If the camera stays on Jennifer Lawrence post-scene – for an unnecessarily extended amount of time – she feels uncomfortable. Is the person behind the camera expecting her to hold the expression the previous scene demanded? If so, for how long? Will she just gaze longingly into the abyss forever? 

When it comes to acting, the camera “linger” mortifies Jennifer Lawrence. Thus, if you are ever lucky enough to hold a camera on Lawrence, be sure to leave it rolling, staring into her eyes, for several minutes post-scene. 

Jennifer Lawrence: Why acting is the perfect job for a lazy person

During her interview with BBC Radio 1, the interviewer notes that acting entails quite a bit of standing around (waiting for scenes to commence). Jennifer Lawrence chimes in, concurring with the statement, adding:

“Oh yeah. It’s the perfect job for a lazy person. It’s really… I really found my niche.”

BBC Radio 1

Jennifer Lawrence is known for being quite the jokester; thus, it should come as no surprise that she made this comment. While acting may consist of some standing around, Lawrence has also starred in several physically demanding roles and knows what it takes to play a savior and a superhero.

If jumping, kicking, and (attempting) to dance are easy feats, there would be no bruises, injuries, and setbacks associated with the art. However, as Lawrence knows, acting comes with a whole bag of worms beyond sitting, waiting, and staring into the lingering camera. However, as for Lawrence, her life would be much easier if the latter ceased to occur.