This New Bangtan Bomb of BTS Shows Everything Fans Love About the Group

BTS Bangtan Bomb
BTS | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Big Hit Entertainment just released a new Bangtan Bomb on YouTube and fans are in love. A Bangtan Bomb is a short video showing BTS behind the scenes of rehearsals, award shows, or performances. Big Hit Entertainment just released a Bangtan Bomb of the members of BTS playing instruments while backstage at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018.

The Bangtan Bomb shows BTS can have fun anywhere

Fans love the members of BTS for their chaotic personalities. The members find humor in any situation. That is why their TV shows Run BTS! and BTS: Bon Voyage are so funny.

After debuting in 2013, the members spend a lot of time together. Even after all these years, the members of BTS still get along and make each other laugh. While touring and album promotions can be tiresome and repetitive, the new Bangtan Bomb shows BTS can have fun together in any situation.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “Waiting backstage during rehearsal in a cramped space should be boring and tedious, but @BTS_twt are over there playing instruments and fooling around and making each other laugh. They really have so much fun together!!”

Fans loved seeing the members of BTS play instruments

BTS typically does not play instruments when they perform on stage. On some occasions, Suga and Jin play piano or Jin plays guitar for performances. However, the only time fans really see BTS play instruments is during the occasional VLIVE. So watching the maknae line play instruments while the hyung line watched and laughed was a special treat for fans.

“Taehyung can play the saxophone… piano….drums….guitar and jimin said that he is even learning to play violin these days dfhjkkl A MULTITALENTED KING…” one fan tweeted.

“The last time I saw Jimin playing a guitar is on vlive with jin and jk. Seeing the boys play a musical instrument is so endearing idk why,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Jungkook truly is the golden maknae

At this point, everyone knows Jungkook is referred to as the “golden maknae” of BTS. Even though he is the youngest member, Jungkook is truly good at everything. He can sing, dance, and rap and picks up musical instruments with ease.

“Jungkook is #Golden_Maknae because he’s good at everything, even random singing, playing musical instruments or painting….. He’s always trying to be as good and fast as possible. Singing with the guitar was so cute. Love 3000 #JK,” a fan tweeted.

It is also no secret that the other members of BTS adore Jungkook. While Jungkook is extremely talented, he could do the bare minimum and all of BTS would be amazed. It does not matter what Jungkook does, BTS is completely endeared by him. When Jungkook started jokingly strumming the guitar and singing, all of the BTS members cracked up.

“the smile on bangtan faces when they sees a happy jungkookie playing guitar IM SOFT,” a fan wrote.

“jungkook: [strums a guitar] bts: i think… i think i love you,” a fan observed.