This New Duggar Family Valentine’s Day Tradition Is Seriously Sweet

The Duggar family – sometimes they do things differently than everyone else. And sometimes that’s a good thing.

The Duggars rose to fame over a decade ago with a reality series about their lives called 19 Kids and Counting. Now many of the kids are all grown up and raising families of their own. They’ve got a new series called Counting On and new traditions as well. Recently, the oldest Duggar daughter, Jana, revealed one cute thing they’re all doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar | The Duggar Family via Instagram

What’s going on with Jana Duggar right now?

Jana Duggar is 29 but she still lives at home with her family because she hasn’t gotten married yet. In the Duggar family, women only move out once they get married. She’s been helping her mom, Michelle, with raising the kids in the meantime, plus pursuing some hobbies of her own. Some fans anticipate that Jana will announce a courtship soon – perhaps even this season on Counting On. But for now, she’s at home helping out.

One reason fans believe she might announce a courtship is that Jana recently signed up for Instagram. Most Duggar ladies only do that when they’re courting, though apparently, it’s just a coincidence and doesn’t mean anything in Jana’s case. Either way, her social media posts are helping fans catch a glimpse into the lives of the Duggar family still at home.

Most recently, Jana shared a lovely Valentine’s tradition that the Duggars are trying out this year.

What is the Duggar family doing for Valentine’s Day?

This year, the Duggar family is trying a new tradition, and it’s a good one.

As Jana shared on Instagram, “This year we each drew a name and wrote a meaningful note to that person about their character, what they truly mean to us and tried to express from our heart how much we genuinely love and care about them.”

The family celebrates Valentine’s Day a little early each year and this time, everyone was pleased with the new tradition. Jana said, “I think each of my family members would say, this by far was one of the most meaningful times we’ve had together as a family. We took time to go around the room and read the notes out loud to the person we had written them to and expounded a little more on it. There were many tears shed and much joyful laughter.”

The Duggars aren’t afraid to express their feelings

This isn’t the first time the Duggars have had a love-fest together. Most family weddings include similar exchanges where family members express their appreciation for the happy couple. As Jana said, “If you’re hardly ever speaking words of life and love, but rather tend to speak harsh words or only doing “actions” by giving material things or gifts to others, how will they truly know if you love them? We must remember to say the words “I love you” often and thoughtfully tell others the things we appreciate and admire about them.”

Wise words, Jana!