This ‘Pioneer Woman’ Iced Coffee Recipe Will Blow Your Mind

Is there anything better in life than coffee? Probably not. HuffPo described it as “one of life’s greatest gifts” and reported that the average American consumes about 2.1 cups of coffee per day. Like wisdom, that number increases with age.

There are people who drink coffee all year long and then there are those who switch things up, opting to swap out a piping hot cup of Joe for the cold version during warmer months. Iced coffee is a refreshing treat with a bonus caffeine kick.

But buying iced coffee from Starbucks every week could do some serious damage to your wallet. Instead, this iced coffee recipe from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, will fully satisfy your craving without breaking the bank one bit.

Iced Coffee
Iced coffee with shot of cream being poured in.

The Pioneer Woman has managed to perfect iced coffee

It will come as no surprise to Ree Drummond fans that one of the internet’s favorite bloggers also created one of the best iced coffee recipes in existence. Like all of her other recipes, The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee is simple, easy to make, and still mind-blowingly delicious. It is all but guaranteed to become a staple in your household.

Drummond created the recipe to counteract sub-par iced coffee in her life. Her main issues with typical iced coffee centered around versions that weren’t strong enough and those not served at the proper temperature. As Ree Drummond wrote on her blog, “The finished glass of iced coffee should be frigid, not sorta cold with half-melted ice cubes floating around.”

However, cold brew is horribly overpriced when you purchase it from a local coffee shop. Here’s what Drummond recommends instead.

What is Ree Drummond’s iced coffee recipe?

The first thing you need to create The Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee is a large container. Drummond says any kind of container will work so long as it’s clean, even a bucket. She personally uses a restaurant supply plastic tub.

Next, Drummond recommends finding a pound of ground coffee – the stronger and richer, the better. In the recipe, she uses Café Bustelo brand (which is super cheap at Aldi).

Putting it together is easy – all you do is pour the ground coffee into the container, add water on top, cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit overnight. Next, you’ll strain the liquid through cheesecloth to separate the grounds from the iced coffee.

Let it get cold in the fridge for a few hours before putting it in a glass over ice and dressing however you please – milk, half and half, coconut milk, sugar – make your coffee exactly how you want it!

What is the full recipe for Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee?

Want to enjoy perfectly brewed iced coffee at home? Bookmark Ree Drummond’s recipe here and make it as often as you please. The recipe she uses makes about 2 gallons which can be saved in the refrigerator for three weeks if it’s kept tightly covered. Just don’t expect anything this delicious to last for three weeks!

This is one iced coffee that’s basically guaranteed to change your life for the better.