This ‘Rick and Morty’ Fan Theory Is Making More Sense With Each Episode

In the world of Rick and Mortynot many commonly understood rules apply. Characters hop between realities in the multiverse like they’re wandering between stores in the mall. Alien parasites implant fake memories in people.

Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy. It’s not that the show’s creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, don’t follow any rules in making the Rick and Morty world; it’s just that those rules are pretty wild.

One constant is who the main characters are. Rick is a cynical, reckless genius. Morty, on the other hand, is good-hearted and concerned. But fans are starting to wonder if even that might be a misunderstanding. What is coming next?

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We’ve seen Evil Morty before

In the tenth episode of season one, “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” Evil Morty makes his first appearance. He’s a part of an alternate universe team of Rick and Morty that are murdering other multiverses’ Ricks.

It turns out that this Morty (who wears an eyepatch and is therefore known as Eyepatch Morty) has been controlling Evil Rick the whole time. 

At the end of this episode, the Rick we’re familiar with, Rick of Earth C-137, tells Morty that he’s the real Rick, the “Rickest Rick.”

It’s assumed that means that Morty is the original Morty of Earth C-137. But what if he’s not? What if Evil Morty is actually the one that belongs with the Rickest Rick?

Timeline problems

Despite all the hopping between universes, the show’s creators are very careful to maintain accuracy within this complicated reality. But there’s a problem in the relationship between Rick and Morty.

Rick was absent from Morty’s family for 20 years, returning when Morty was 14, but we’ve seen two examples of Rick being in Morty’s life when he was just a baby. In season 2 there’s a picture hanging on the wall of Bird Person’s house, showing Rick holding a very concerned baby Morty. And “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” Evil Rick is searching Original Rick’s memories and sees a quick memory of Rick reaching for baby Morty. 

If Rick wasn’t around for 20 years and Morty is only 14, then it obviously doesn’t make any sense for them to have spent time together when Morty was a baby. 

What does it all mean?

Obviously Rick spent time with some baby Morty, in some universe. Fans are speculating that original Morty, the one who came from Earth C-137, is not the one we all know and love. Possibly Rick raised that Morty somewhere else, teaching him all that he knows.

The theory goes that if Morty grew up with Rick he’d be far smarter, more confident, and…evil. Perhaps the two had a falling out along the way, and now Evil Morty is seeking revenge?

Some fans are eager for this storyline. “Maybe he’s going to finally encounter Evil Morty in the finale,” one commented on Reddit. Another viewer agreed enthusiastically, saying, “I am really hoping we get to see more of the Evil Morty storyline. I’m sure we will eventually, though.”

Something big — and potentially confusing — is going to happen

We know that Harmon and Roiland have hinted that something big is coming, and fans should study up to be ready for it. They suggested that fans be sure to watch all the episodes in order and that they should re-watch season 3. They’ve hinted that they’ve been hinting at something all along. 

In the end, it may be a mistake to try to guess where this smart, strange, twisting show is going. But that never stopped its devoted fan base from trying.