This Subtle Sign Has Royal Fans Convinced Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Baby 4

Kate Middleton is one of the most popular members of the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge was beloved by the public when she married Prince William in 2011 and over the years, her popularity has only grown.

Over time, the public has seen her blossom into a strong, confident mother of three, standing by her husband’s side as he prepares to eventually assume the throne. Some royal fans are beginning to wonder whether or not the upcoming new year will bring an exciting announcement from Prince William and Kate Middleton — an announcement that they might have already been hinting at for some time.

How many children does Kate Middleton want?

Kate Middleton attends Shout's Crisis Volunteer Celebration Event.
Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

It didn’t take long after the big royal wedding in 2011 for Prince William and Duchess Kate to start their own family. Many royal fans suspected that the couple would want a large family since Middleton is very close to her two siblings and both she and Prince William truly seem to love children.

Prince George, their oldest child, was born in 2013, and Princess Charlotte, their only daughter, was born in 2015. Prince Louis, their second son, was born in early 2018. Both Middleton and Prince William are very active, involved parents, and from all accounts, truly love spending time with their children and dearly want to give them a normal upbringing. 

Some royal sources have claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is ready to have another child, and envisions having four children. Certainly, the timing seems about right, since Prince Louis is quickly approaching his second birthday.

If Duchess Kate is truly considering pregnancy, it is likely that she will have to deal with the same extreme morning sickness condition that she suffered from in all three previous pregnancies. But that might not dissuade the duchess if she is set on having the large family of her dreams. 

Royal watchers think that Kate Middleton could already be pregnant

Royal watchers are actively speculating that Kate Middleton is already pregnant. Oddsmakers in England are already placing bets on the likelihood that Middleton gives birth in 2020.

While it doesn’t look as though Middleton has been hospitalized, as she was with each of her previous pregnancies, there have been some other hints that could indicate pregnancy is in the works — such as Middleton’s recent appearance at a high-profile royal family event.

What recent pregnancy clue did Kate Middleton give?

Recently, Duchess Kate stepped out at a black-tie event dressed to the nines in a midnight blue, floor-length gown. In spite of how stunning she looked, many royal watchers picked up a very subtle clue that Middleton might not have even realized she was giving.

Several times throughout the evening, Middleton was spotted resting her hands on her stomach, something that she has done during previous pregnancies. In addition, most of the photographs taken of Middleton were from the shoulders up, with very few photos taken of her abdomen area.

While neither Duchess Kate nor Prince William has spoken out directly regarding the pregnancy rumors, fans are now on high alert waiting for good news from the palace. It has certainly been a difficult news year for the royal family, both with the constant Meghan Markle drama and the problems surrounding Prince Andrew’s alleged friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

A new royal baby would certainly be the beacon of hope that both the royals and the public would love to see. Certainly, everyone will be watching and waiting for news from the palace over the next several months.