This Surprising ‘Below Deck’ Crew Member ‘Went Savage’ on Caroline Bedol

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He may be all about being zen and peaceful but third stew, Caroline Bedol from Below Deck finally harshed chef Adrian Martin‘s mellow. Martin is typically seen crafting his genius creations in the galley kitchen while making small quips with the staff. Otherwise, he’s pretty much in cobra pose on the ground.

However, Bedol’s frenzied energy finally pushed the chef to his breaking point and he lowered the boom. Bedol complained to chief stew, Kate Chastain who referred to Martin’s delivery as “savage” although she agreed with his message. Here’s what went down.

Bedol desperately tries to explain her position (to anyone)

Unfortunately, Bedol (again) walks in on Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter talking about her injured foot. The wonder twins are buzzing about whether or not Bedol’s injury could be faked but both agree she is telling the truth because there is no way you can fake a swollen foot. Bedol instantly becomes defensive saying how Carter and Chastain think her injury is fake. No matter what Chastain says, insisting they know she is telling the truth, Bedol won’t let it go.

She proceeds to lament to any crew member willing to listen about how she thinks Chastain thinks her injury is fake. She first complains to Ashton Pienaar, who seems sympathetic. However, she may have chosen the wrong crew member to complain to next by going to Martin.

While he empathetically listens, Martin says this in his side interview. “Caroline is definitely bringing the vibe down for the whole boat. I’m a very sensitive person so it’s draining to have someone around who is always complaining and mopey.”

Martin wasn’t having his typical stellar night

BELOW DECK — Pictured: Adrian Martin — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

The guests made the crew’s job even harder when they brought their small children on board. That meant dinner suddenly had to be served at a much earlier time. At the last minute, the guests wanted dinner served at 7:30 pm for 10 people. Making the challenge even more intense, each guest had a preference sheet that listed a number of allergies and dislikes.

Not one to lose his cool, Martin dove in and created a meal for 10 people with a million “dislikes.” He didn’t manage to hit his 7:30 pm deadline but the main was served about an hour later. “Definitely stifles my creativity,” he says in a side interview. “I can’t be as free-flowing as I would want to be. Everything has to be calculated and that tends to stress me out and piss me off.” Meanwhile, Martin continues to remain calm and focus on his food while on camera.

Unfortunately, this meal didn’t seem to blow the guests away. And while they told Chastain they didn’t like the food, she noted the guests cleaned their plates, including the garnish. She decides to keep the guests’ comments to herself, citing that Martin was up against impossible odds, between the short time and the endless food demands.

But that didn’t stop Bedol, which didn’t work out well for her

Chastain spared Martin the comments, but Bedol thought he should know. During clean up, Martin asks Bedol if she is o.k. because she looked sad that day. He looks sincerely concerned but says in his side interview, her mood fluctuates from one minute to the next.

At that point, Bedol takes it upon herself to lean in and let Martin know the guests didn’t like his food. She starts with, “You appreciate feedback right?” And while Martin said he was happy she told him, he didn’t appreciate her vibe.

And then things went ‘savage’ from there

Martin adds, “I know you aren’t happy but don’t project that sh*t on me.”  He grabs the broom and starts vigorously sweeping the floor. He says, “I understand you aren’t doing well.” She claims that she is keeping it to herself but Martin says, “It’s not even that, you can see it on your face.”

At that point, Bedol says she can’t help it. And that Martin doesn’t know what she’s dealing with. Then Martin reveals that his father just passed away and he doubts it is anything like that. Instead of understanding, Bedol snaps back, “What is this a competition?”

“No,” Martin responds. But he wants her to know that everyone has a lot of intense challenges in their life. Bedol looks completely annoyed and Martin should stop “judging her.” He tries to explain that because they all work so closely together, her attitude spills over to the rest of the crew. “If you can’t handle your sh*t, you need to step off,” he cooly adds. The encounter ends with Bedol sarcastically saying she’s sorry he has the misfortune of working with her. “Me too,” he says while continuing to sweep. Savage.

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