This Video of Beyoncé and Meghan Markle Meeting For the First Time Is So Sweet

Seriously — can Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King get any more iconic? Not only does it have a star-studded cast and revamped versions of beloved songs from the 1994 animated film, but it produced the first meeting between Beyoncé and Meghan Markle. (!!!)

That’s right. On July 14, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the U.K. premiere of The Lion King, where they engaged with fans and actors from the film before heading inside for a sneak preview of the upcoming flick. When Markle and Queen Bey (aka Nala) met, they could not stop beaming at each other. Just wait until you see the video of the sweet moment.

Beyonce | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Beyoncé and the duchess were happy to see each other.

A video uploaded to Twitter by The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English shows Markle walking the gold carpet in a black dress with sheer sleeves. As she approached Beyoncé, the Lemonade singer, who wore a gold gown, broke into a smile.

They shared a long hug and seemingly hit it off immediately. Beyoncé reportedly told Markle that her newborn son, Archie Harrison, is “so beautiful,” and that she “love[s] her family.” Then Markle reportedly asked Bey for some deets on her 2-year-old twins, Sir and Rumi Carter. Aww!

After chatting for more than a few seconds, the singer can be heard thanking the duchess, presumably for showing up to support the film.

Beyoncé and Markle are fans of each other

Beyoncé put her fandom on full display back in February when she used a portrait of the duchess in the background of her BRIT Awards acceptance video.

Artist Tim O’Brien told that the tribute was an “ode” to Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s “Apesh*t” video, which shows the couple posing in front of the Mona Lisa. “I think that choosing to feature a person of color in the royal family—at the Brit Awards—instead of the Mona Lisa was brilliant…it was the perfect fit,” he explained.

According to Elle, the tribute shocked the duchess. When her makeup artist, Daniel Martin, sent her the photo, Markle texted back with a “big eye emoji.” 

It’s been a busy time for Markle

Markle has been attending a bunch of sporting events, such as Wimbledon, where she supported her BFF Serena Williams.

She and Prince Harry also gathered with close family and friends on July 6 for baby Archie’s christening. Roughly 25 people got to watch as the Archbishop of Canterbury doused Archie’s forehead with water from the River Jordan.

The Sussexes chose to have the ceremony in Queen Elizabeth’s private chapel, so fans didn’t see any major moments. But they did release photos of the event to the public.

“This is a beautiful milestone, and they are excited to share it as a family first, and then with the world,” a source told People.

With so much on her plate, it’s a wonder that the duchess made it to The Lion King premiere. But we’re glad she did. Maybe we’ll see more photos of Markle and Beyoncé soon.