This Was Princess Diana’s Biggest Regret

Princess Diana is still one of the most remembered women in the world today. Her tragic death took everyone by surprise. But when she was married to Prince Charles, things definitely weren’t as they seemed. And Diana was hounded by the paparazzi, which Prince Harry has equated to Meghan Markle’s negative experience with the media today. Princess Diana once made a comment that turned into an international headline — and she regretted it for the rest of her life.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Diana’s life as a royal wasn’t what everyone would have hoped

To the world, Diana was one of the most glamorous women to ever live. She had a poise and style that was unmatched, but she also had a kind heart, and for that, people loved her. The Princess of Wales worked hard to bring awareness to various charities and organizations that weren’t widely talked about, such as doing a lot for the HIV/AIDS awareness movement. But behind closed doors, her life wasn’t what it seemed. She had a rocky relationship with Prince Charles, her husband, and the two were never in love. Her relationship with Queen Elizabeth wasn’t as strong as she’d hoped, either, and every day turned into a struggle as she battled a difficult eating disorder.

Diana was often the target of negative press

Diana and Charles had a 12-year age difference, and that often became a topic of conversation in the media. She was so young and hadn’t quite established a life for herself, yet Charles was the future king. The news of Charles’ affair with Camilla, combined with a messy divorce, resulted in a lot of great stories for the tabloids and many rumors that were published about the princess. Diana had a difficult time avoiding the stories that were published about her, and she could hardly avoid the paparazzi, either. Still today, some blame her 1997 fatal car accident on the media.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

She once made a comment about being dumb — and always regretted it afterward

Diana once said in an interview that she felt she was portrayed in the media as “stupid.” The princess was very young when she and Charles wed, so she didn’t have the educational background that most royals do.  “I made the grave mistake once of saying to a child I was as thick as a plank, in order to ease the child’s nervousness, which it did — but that headline went all round the world, and I rather regret saying it,” Diana said in the interview. She had intentionally told a child she was dumb, but the press took it and ran with it because they could.

Her son Harry has likened Meghan Markle’s media experience to his mother’s

Though Diana is now remembered as a strong, kind hearted woman, things weren’t always easy for her when she was a member of the royal family. And Harry has equated her experience with the media to the one his wife is currently facing. The media has hounded Meghan since she first started dating Harry, pulling apart every decision she makes and suggesting she is fake, mean, and not worthy of royal status. Harry and Meghan are currently in a lawsuit with the media for their treatment of her, which Harry said he feared was “history repeating itself” — referring to his mother’s experience with the press.