Thomas Ravenel From ‘Southern Charm’ Teases Season 7: Wanted to Leave the Show After the First Season

Southern Charm exploded onto the Bravo airwaves in 2014, giving viewers a peek inside Southern American aristocracy.

Produced and created by Whitney Sudler-Smith, Southern Charm was originally going to follow the world of socialite Thomas Ravenel. The intention was to dive into “the myth of the Old South and reconstruction and all this bullsh*t,” according to Urban Daddy. But Sudler-Smith’s agent suggested rather than exclusively focus on Ravenel, the documentary should include other personalities, and Southern Charm was born.

Chelsea Meissner, Thomas Ravenel, Craig Conover, Shepard Rose, Cameran Eubanks, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll
Chelsea Meissner, Thomas Ravenel, Craig Conover, Shepard Rose, Cameran Eubanks, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll |Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

While Southern Charm is an ensemble cast, Ravenel was a main focus of the show. His relationship with Kathryn Dennis, who is significantly younger than Ravenel became a cornerstone story. Plus, the couple had two children together during their tumultuous relationship, which was of considerable interest to viewers.

Ravenel wanted out after season one

In a recent Twitter thread, Ravenel insisted he didn’t want to be on the show after the first season. Ravenel teased about the return of the show. “ATTENTION ALL INSOMNIACS! Your cure may be coming should Southern Charm produce a 7th Season!” A follower suggested he sounded bitter. But Ravenel asserts he never wanted to be on the show for five seasons.

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He responded, “I’ve been trying to get off that show since after season one but was in a five year contract. So, not at all.” When someone asked if he would ever consider coming back he replied, “As I told them long ago right here on Twitter, ‘when a donkey wins the Kentucky Derby.'” Ravenel also shared an early video from the show. “Whitney recruiting cast for the “Southern Gentlemen” sizzle reel. Later known as Southern Charm. Only Danni made the cut here. I wish I’d have just stayed BEHIND the camera!!”

Then someone suggested he made the wrong moves when he was on the show. “Thomas the show could have been a great forum for you but admit it, you kind of blew it. Production didn’t make you kick all those people out of your house with no dinner. SO UNGENTLEMANLY. Just admit it you need to work on yourself. And you need to rethink your stance on drugs!” But Ravenel insisted footage was heavily edited. “40 hours of film EDITED (they would never let us use that word) to 40 minutes. Sorry, they dictate the forum.”

Is a 7th season coming?

Ravenel added that he didn’t have any insider information about a potential next season either. Plus he added, “No clue, I don’t communicate with anyone associated with it.”

However, Shep Rose dropped a hint about the show’s future. While Rose didn’t definitively share if the show was canceled, he said filming hadn’t started either. “Usually we film in the fall,” he said on The Ross Bolen podcast. “I don’t know if we are going to do another season. But we’re not doing one now.”

Season six was televised without Ravenel. While Rose referred to strong ratings, they dipped toward the end of the season. According to Showbuzz Daily, August numbers for Southern Charm seemed to lose steam after a strong start. Earlier in the season, the show captured the top spot. But by the time the reunion rolled around the show fizzled, but still remained in the top 10.