‘Thor 4:’ Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to Face Off Against ‘Fantastic Four’s’ Silver Surfer?

Now that Thor 4 has been announced, fans have taken to the internet to express their enthusiasm concerning the Asgardian’s return to the MCU. While various theories and narratives have been prophecized regarding the film’s plot trajectory (and Chris Hemsworth’s future look), one idea seems a bit more likely than others – and comes with a considerable degree of backing.

Thor 4  – only recently announced, and years away from hitting the silver screen – presents a viable opportunity to introduce some of the characters gained in the Disney/Fox Merger. 

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Hemsworth as Thor | Photo by Simon James/FilmMagic

During a recent interview, Kevin Feige explained that any character gained from the Fox/Disney merger would not join the Avengers for quite some time, which is why the Black Widow movie is unlikely to introduce The Thing, as many fans had initially hoped. 

When David Harbour used the word “thing” to describe himself – and his joining the MCU – the world went berserk. However, Harbour has since confirmed that his wording was not a covert message to those clever enough to glean the truth. 

The Fantastic Four has seen two movie iterations in recent years and both were epic disasters, according to critics and audiences alike. Disney needs to reverse these travesties. Not to mention, introducing the Silver Surfer – a character originally from the planet Zenn-la – would mesh with one of the major running theories concerning the MCU’s phase four. 

Why ‘Thor 4’ will introduce the Silver Surfer – the connection to Galactus 

Avengers: Endgame ended with Thor seemingly teaming up with The Guardians of the Galaxy, as they prep to head into space. Meaning, it’s more than possible that Thor’s next outing, in his standalone film, does not occur on Earth. 

The Silver Surfer was originally an astronomer from the planet Zenn-La who – by agreeing to become a herald for the planet devourer, Galactus – saved his planet from imminent destruction. So, why does this matter? 

Galactus is one of Marvel’s greatest villains, and a likely successor to Thanos (down the line). Introducing the Silver Surfer would be another way to build towards the epic mash-up we all know will happen once again (in a decade or so). Furthermore, considering Thor 4 has only just been announced, Marvel Studios will have more than enough time to pen the future fallouts.

Introducing the villain (Silver Surfer) first lends way to a Fantastic Four standalone movie 

As we all know, Marvel Studios – with the exception of Black Widow – tends to release standalone movies, preceding its major team-ups. Marvel will sometimes add a character for a bit of a movie and then release the standalone film afterward, as was seen with Spider-Man in Civil War and Homecoming. 

Adding four superheroes to a mash-up without providing any backstory would be foolish, illogical, and overall, narratively difficult to manage. Thus, if the Silver Surfer comes in for Thor 4, the movie can progress in such a way as to elicit the need for the Fantastic Four, leading to a Fantastic Four standalone film (and providing backstories for several characters who go on to face Galactus).

When it comes to Thor 4, introducing the Silver Surfer makes sense, as it closely aligns with the timeline Kevin Feige has presented (concerning the introduction of characters previously owned by Fox) and presents a viable outlet to introduce the MCU’s possible next “big” villain.