‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is as Hilarious as ‘Iron Man’ and That May Be Its Weakness

2. Too much time is spent on obvious jokes and reveals

Thor laughs in his helmet in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel

The movie has the runtime of 130 minutes, and that can easily be shortened. There is a point in the middle of the movie where some characters don’t know that Bruce Banner and the Hulk are one and the same. That’s understandable, but there is far too much time spent on jokes about why Banner seems so oddly familiar to the stranger who knows the Hulk. This would be fine if it paid off at the reveal, but it just wasn’t great so it felt like a waste of time.

There are other obvious jokes that the movie goes for, like what “Asgard” sounds like. Sure, it’s a weird name, but something we as an audience had to get over a long time ago.

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