‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is as Incredible as It Is Unoriginal: Here’s Why

It seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going through a few growing pains and an identity crisis as it attempts to define its narrative moving forward with Thor: Ragnarok. A couple of films that no one expected to do much at the box office became the superhero genre’s greatest hits, and film executives are taking notice with newer franchises. Overall the movie is fun, exciting, and utterly hilarious. But that’s the problem we have with the film.

1. Comedy seems to be the M.O. in a post-Deadpool world now

Loki and Thor holding big guns while laughing
Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel Studios

The superhero genre of films has had a couple of movies come out in recent years that have reflected a turn in a lot of franchises narratives. Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy were hysterical romps focused around the anti-hero sub-plot. Those two films really led the way to action movies (like the superhero genre) leaning towards more comedy in their stories, and Thor: Ragnarok is not immune to their charm. The entire film had us laughing out of our seats almost to the point of tears. It was just your typical “buddy-cop” movie, just with Marvel superheroes rather than average Joes.

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2. The storyline follows very tired cinematic tropes

The Hulk, Thor, Loki, and Valkyrie standing on the rainbow bridge
Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok falls victim to playing out the exact same story that any stand-alone MCU film has done in the past; An unknown enemy from a dark past comes to destroy the world and only this superhero and his rag-tag group of outcasts can save it. While the acting was on point, the storyline was not. We foresee a lot of die-hard MCU fans feeling worn out by this trend when it’s all said and done, especially with a similar plot ahead in Avengers: Infinity War.

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3. Incredibly well-directed from a surprising source

Taika Waititi in What We Do in the Shadows
Taika Waititi in What We Do in the Shadows | Paladin Pictures

Taika Waititi took the reigns for this film, which probably explains why it is so funny throughout. You may remember Taika from his work on Flight of the Concords, or What We Do In The Shadows. Taika did a flawless job of bringing to life the obvious vision of a humor-filled superhero action movie that the studio heads desired.

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4. The best character wasn’t the lead

A large rock creature wearing armor for some reason firing a large cannon with both of his hands.
Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel Studios

Taika wasn’t shy about filling a side role in the film by providing the voice for a rock creature named Korg. Korg is essentially a mild-mannered chilled-out warrior whose only interest is starting a revolution, so long as everyone follows the rules in a polite way. But his mild-mannered behavior probably stems from the fact that he cannot be destroyed: He is a rock, after all. His commentary throughout the movie maintained the suspension of disbelief in times when the story itself became a little ridiculous. This bodes well when you have such a tired story being told again and again.

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 5. A lofty Rotten Tomatoes score that doesn’t tell the whole story

The Hulk leaping through the air to attack a giant fire demon
Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel Studios

As it sits right now, Rotten Tomatoes is certifying this movie as “Fresh,” with a staggering 95% positive rating. It is certainly a good movie, and we encourage everyone to go see the film. However, there is nothing groundbreaking in this film. It’s not a deep, thought-provoking analogous into civility, or some motif-wrought allegory on the human condition (a la 20th Century Fox’s Logan); it’s merely an action movie with some awesome jokes. Keep in mind, a 95% rating isn’t so much a measure of overall quality, as much as it is an indication that most critics had a generally positive outlook on it (ourselves included).

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6. Thor: Ragnarok is already making Marvel a whole lot of money

Hela facing down an army of Valkyrie flying through the sky.
Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel Studios

The debut of Thor: Ragnarok internationally over the weekend brought in a healthy $108 million dollars. That marks a massive success when it comes to the international market, and is just a preview of what is going to come from the domestic markets. If you plan on seeing the film, it would be wise to get your ticket in advance.

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7. Final thoughts: Should you see it?

Thor with electricity flowing over his body and illuminating his eyes.
Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok is an awesome movie, and is sure to have the entire family well-entertained. That said, do not go into the movie expecting a groundbreaking film. Just go into the film expecting to have fun. One tidbit of advice, though: Make sure you’re up to date with the entire MCU, because there are a good deal of callbacks to other movies that make the jokes work.

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