Three Times ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Caused Controversy

Mackenzie McKee is holding onto her 15 minutes of fame any way she can. McKee, 24, who first starred in 16 and Pregnant, then took part in one season of Teen Mom 3, has been off the air for years, but she has found ways to keep herself in the spotlight, although the spotlight isn’t always flattering for McKee. Keep reading to find out what controversy the former Teen Mom star has stirred up since walking away from the camera.

In 2015 McKee posted a picture of her son holding a gun

While McKee may have been born and raised in a household where guns are the norm, fans were more than a little disturbed when she shared a picture of her oldest child holding a gun. Gannon, then just four years old, is pictured with a rifle in his hand. The caption reads “I’ll put supper on the table” followed by a Raisethemright hashtag.

McKee’s followers were aghast that the youngster was so close to a firearm without a responsible adult close by. Clearly, there was someone in the area, as McKee clearly took the photo, but concerns were still raised, according to WetPaint. McKee’s Instagram post garnered hundreds of comments as people duked it out over whether a child so young should be holding a gun.

Mackenzie admits to having a sex tape

McKee was at it again in 2015, when Vivid entertainment got a hold of a sex tape the then 20-year-old McKee made. McKee’s lawyer sent a letter to the adult entertainment giant advising the company to declare their intentions, according to TMZ.  

The video has never surfaced, but the existence of the tape can’t really be denied. There is no word on who her partner on the tape is, but many fans assume it must be Josh McKee. Mackenzie has been married to Josh since 2013, and the pair share several children. Vivid nor McKee ever confirmed when the tape was produced or how it found its way into the hands of Vivid executives.

McKee spouts off about her children and invokes the wrath of the internet

More recently McKee took to social media to chronicle her day out and about with her kids. She noted that husband Josh planned a trip out of town to ensure he didn’t have to watch the kids, and based on her account of the day who can blame him? According to McKee, the kids not only wreaked havoc in a restaurant but they may or may not have been responsible for the death of a ferret. They continued their reign of terror in several other stores before heading home.

McKee’s account of the day, nor her kids’ behavior are what caused the uproar though, her thoughtless comment on the death of the ferret is what incurred the most wrath. McKee wrote that the ferret wasn’t “worth” $200 anyway, and everyone lost their minds.

McKee took to social media again to threaten suicide after she was cyberbullied for her commentary, according to E!. McKee is apparently fine. Her mother took to social media to inform the masses that McKee was merely having blood sugar swings, which prompted her reaction to comments. McKee has type 1 diabetes and has had a particularly difficult time controlling the disease.

How is Mackenzie McKee doing today?

While the teen mom’s latest scandal only happened a couple of days ago, it seems as if the young reality star is on the mend. While she has yet to respond to concerns about her mental health, it appears her family is working with her to get everything under control. McKee, who clearly has a lot on her plate, might be best served by staying off social media for a bit, at least until the latest scandal dies down. She is not the first and certainly will not be the last Teen Mom alum to create a stir online.