Three Ways the Royal Family of Monaco Is Cooler Than the British Royal Family

Monaco, a tiny seaside nation, is known for its gorgeous scenery, seaside views, and spectacular vistas. The French-speaking nation’s royal family, The House of Grimaldi has ruled, with brief interruptions since the 1200s, but their current reigning Prince and Princess might be the coolest yet. The current reigning royals are way cooler than the British Royal Family in three fundamental ways.

Monaco royals have personal Instagram accounts

Back in January 2018 Meghan Markle suddenly disappeared from social media, much to the dismay of fans. The former actress took down everything from her Twitter account to her Instagram page, and the collective internet wept, according to Today, the then soon-to-be Duchess wasn’t necessarily forced to delete her feeds, but the British Royal family doesn’t keep personal accounts.

According to a royal expert, the palace doesn’t have a strict policy about social media, but most of the royals adhere to a no personal account policy. The House of Windsor strongly believes it can cause privacy issues. The House of Grimaldi doesn’t have the same qualms.

Princess Charlene regularly shares snapshots of her family’s life on Instagram. The pictures are an exciting and candid look at life the royal way, which makes the family just a bit cooler than the Windsors.

Royal twins, need we say more?

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene are the parents to two adorable twins. Princes Jacques and Princess Gabriella are darling with their matching blonde locks and cooler-than-you style. While the British Royal Family makes some truly cute babies, their style just doesn’t hold a candle to the youngsters of Monaco.

Most recently Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella turned up at a shopping center opening decked out in matching leather jackets, according to The Daily Mail. The pair regularly, dressed in hipster styles, are just a bit more edgy style-wise than Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. With the impending birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child, the little prince and princess of Monaco might get a run for their money, though.

They Don’t have Kings and Queens

The House of Grimaldi has outlasted many European monarchies, but the tiny principality of just 38,000 people has done so by aligning itself with much larger and much more powerful countries. Because the government was a principality for many years, they just did not need a king or queen, and the tradition has stuck, according to Hello Magazine.

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene
Albert II prince of Monaco (R) and his wife Charlene ( LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Prince Albert II currently has the throne and his son; Prince Jacques will eventually take over. The House of Windsor is more relaxed than the House of Grimaldi in one way though; Monaco gives precedence to male heirs above female heirs. Prince Jacques is two minutes younger than his twin sister Princess Gabriella, but he is the next in line for the throne. The House of Windsor follows birth order, meaning Princess Charlotte is ahead of her younger brother in the line of succession, regardless of her gender.