‘Tidying Up’ Marie Kondo’s Net Worth and How She’s Making Her Money

We all live fast-paced, busy lives that are full of on-the-go meals, work meetings we can take with us via our phones, and an accumulation of nice things from our salaries. We also know that while more things around the house don’t necessarily lead to happiness, we still end up holding on to our belongings far longer than we should. Now, Japanese star Marie Kondo is helping us all declutter with her soothing Netflix program, Tidying Up.

Kondo helps clients decide what to keep and what to get rid of in their homes based on what brings them the most joy — and it has all of us ferociously sorting through our closets eager to shed excess. Here’s how much she’s worth and how she manages to rake in all of that money.

Marie Kondo started visualizing her ideal home at age 5

It takes many folks until adulthood to truly grasp the idea of keeping a clean home, but Kondo began thinking about what she wanted in a home as early as 5 years old. The Guardian explains she didn’t have any windows in her 100-square-foot room growing up, so she initially had the idea of cutting images of the outdoors out of calendars and magazines and sticking them to her wall. Today, Kondo still thinks about her 5-year-old self and suggests we should all look through magazines to see what home images bring us joy. From there, you can start to make small changes to your own home to bring that joy to life.

The Guardian notes by age 15, Kondo was full steam ahead with decluttering. She started distinguishing what is most important for her to keep and what can go based on what gives her joy. “A lot of people hit a roadblock because they feel they have to throw something away, but that’s not the point,” she said. “It’s about understanding what needs to go versus what’s important to you.”

Kondo’s idea of decluttering can extend way past the home, too. She’s said she’s seen people’s marriages, jobs, and entire lives improve when they start following what brings them joy and letting go of material excess.

She makes her money through books, her TV show, and her business

As for how Kondo makes all of her cash, she has multiple business ventures that have brought her great success. House Beautiful reminds us she began with her multiple books — and, due to her Japanese culture, she’s even created a manga that illustrates her way of life. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is certainly her most famous, but Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up are also hugely successful.

She also has her own business designed to help others tidy up. Kondo started KonMari, her Bay-Area based company, when she was just 19 years old, and it’s grown into an empire. If you want Kondo’s help in organizing, you can hire a consultant, too. If you don’t want the assistance of a trained professional but you still want to utilize Kondo’s products, you can purchase her organizational boxes.

Finally, Kondo’s getting more widespread attention thanks to her Netflix series. We’re sure this is one of her biggest moneymaking ventures as well — and we’re sure it’s due for another season in the future.

Kondo’s total net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kondo has a total net worth of around $8 million — not bad for an organizer who’s in her mid-30s. It’s likely that her net worth will continue to grow with the exposure of her methods on Netflix, too. And though she’s already made guest appearances on several shows like Good Morning America and The Today Show, we can’t wait to see her speak on more programs in the future.

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