‘Tiger King’: Dillon Passage Says Joe Exotic Is Sad While Being Quarantined in Prison

The coronavirus pandemic affected Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as “Joe Exotic,” transfer to federal prison. The Tiger King: Murder, Madness, and Mayhem personality was quarantined and now his husband, Dillon Passage is talking about how he’s handling the situation.

‘Tiger King’ showed Joe Exotic before he was sentenced to prison

The Netflix series shows Maldonado-Passage and Carole Baskin’s heated rivalry before he went to prison. Maldonado-Passage owned the G.W. Zoo and Baskin had her own tiger sanctuary. She accused him of exploiting tiger cubs and he accused her publicly of being involved in the disappearance of her husband, Don Lewis in 1997.

There wasn’t any foul play found involving Lewis’ disappearance. However, Maldonado-Passage was later found guilty for two counts of hiring someone to murder, eight counts of violating the Lacey Act for falsifying wildlife records, and nine counts of violating the Endangered Species Act, according to the Department of Justice’s release.

He was sentenced to prison for 22 years. Jeff Lowe now owns G.W. Zoo. One person who is staying beside the former zoo owner is his husband. Passage told Variety that they’re still married.

“I wasn’t just going to abandon him when he needed help because he was there for me,” he said. “I felt it was only right to stand by him and not judge him for the circumstance because I understood his relationship with Carole. It was a very negative kind of thing and he was in a dark place when all of this stuff occurred. He just needed support so I was just going to stand next to him.”

He is being quarantined in prison

Tiger King
Tiger King | Netflix

Maldonado-Passage was transferred to a federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas. He was then quarantined as a precaution the prison is taking for new inmates to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, according to Entertainment Tonight.

He will be separated for 14 days and it was reported that he won’t be allowed to have calls or correspond through email. However, his husband has since claimed that he talked to Maldonado-Passage and knows how he’s dealing with the situation.

Passage said he is sad about being quarantined

His husband gave another update on how he is doing in prison. Passage claimed quarantine in his new prison isn’t easy.

“Our phone calls are really limited,” he told E! News. Passage revealed the hardest part of the situation for his husband.

“He is kind of sad because he can’t talk to people like he could before so that is taking a toll on him,” he continued. “I have no idea when he will be released from quarantine.”

Passage also talked about the state of their marriage. “Joe has told me multiple times that he doesn’t want me to be alone and that if I find somebody worthy of spending the rest of my life with then he would be totally supportive of that,” he said. “I am loyal to Joe and I am sticking by his side, and if it comes to a point where I need to find somebody I will have that conversation Joe and I will have.”

A new episode of the Netflix series was released called “Tiger King, The Tiger King and I.” It caught up with people who appeared in the show to give their reactions to the series. It still hasn’t been announced whether there will be another season.